Sprint HTC EVO Shift 4G

Sprint today announced that the HTC EVO Shift 4G is getting a software update. Here's what's new in software version 2.77.651.3:

  • Security Update
  • Updated Peep client ( to align with Twitter)
  • Battery life improvements

The "Security update" presumably removes the Carrier IQ analytics software from the device (remember that Sprint had quit using it anyway). Head into your settings menu to snag the update now, or you can wait for it to push out automatically starting Feb. 7.

Source: Sprint
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Reader comments

Sprint HTC EVO Shift 4G gets a software update


No...it's just a terrible phone in general. Keyboard sucks, slider sucks, volume buttons on the wrong side, USB port in the wrong spot, oh and it's soooooo slooooow!

Yes, I have one...wouldn't recommend it.

I have one as well, the only thing I really agree with you is the odd placement of the USB port. Everything else works just fine for me.

yet what Phil said...that port is in a kind of funny place, but you're completely off base with the rest of that stuff. Keyboard is WAY better than any of the other sliders i've used, i prefer it