Today's the day, folks. Finally, some two weeks delayed, the HTC EVO 4G LTE is available in Sprint retail locations nationwide for $199 on contract. The delay, as you no doubt know, was caused by a review by the International Trade Commission. Nothing's changed on the phone, however. Just think of it as a delivery delay is all.

So if you're in the market for a new EVO, you can finally hoof it to the store and pick one up .And once you do, here are a few handy links that'll get you going:

So who's whipping out the credit card today?

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cgardnervt says:

Little to late?

turbofan says:

You need 'too', not to. And how is this too late? This is absolutely the best phone available in the US right now.

DAS says:

As a Galaxy Note owner, I'd have to disagree. :-)

cliberti says:

Haha, a phone the size of a tablet. I bet it is fun to talk on. Get real.

big_time2 says:

People still use their phones to make phone calls? What is this, 2011? (sarcasm)

aledelcastle says:

Now I want to know when it's coming in white

Dazo says:

I'm giving it a month. About 2 weeks ago I decided that this would be my phone but in white; unless the Note 2/Journal came out on Sprint. But I doubt that will happen in the next few months.

dtreo says:

That would be me.

noszero says:

Hmm. I wonder if it will breaks Sprints sale record.

After the botched launch? No

crappy_head says:

I was at the sprint store here in San Juan PR for about an hour while waiting to get my EVO and they sold 5 EVO's

briankurtz79 says:

Don't do it. unless you are in a really good 3g area this phone is gonna blow balls for most. I messed up and got the gnex. I love the phone but with no lte or wimax the 3g signal is almost nonexistent and makes a lot of things unusable unless connected to Wi-Fi

Hey Phil, I live in orlando and get sub 100kbps consistent. What are the speeds in Pensacola?

disturbed1 says:

I got mine on preorder. I have a review of it too!

XavierMatt says:

First of all the word is "to" . Second why are you posting this everywhere.....

cliberti says:

Guess you do not know the English language. Too is used in substitute of also correctly here. If you are going to be a grammar nazi you better know proper grammar

big_time2 says:


FreudSlipped says:


wpavlik2 says:

What are they teaching the kids in school these days about grammar?

To - I am going to the store.

Too - I am going too (also)

Two - Since two of you are going, please bring me back a coffee.

Is that hard?

PhilR8 says:

It's "too."

disturbed1 says:

saying "to" would suggest I have a review of it like they do... They did not post a review here. Saying "too" means I go it on pre-order, and I have a video "too"... Meaning, "as well". I know my english damn it. And I'm posting it everywhere so that people can see how awesome it is. I'm also editing my FULL review right now! YOUR YOU'RE THEIR THERE... I know my english dammit! :)

hmmm says:

I picked one up yesterday. I am on wifi most of the time and the wimax on my Nexus S 4G wasn't really usable due to lack of building penetration. Thankfully my area should have LTE within the next couple months. Once Sprint gets LTE in your area they are hands down the best carrier around for price vs what you get.

I get a nice 23% discount so changing carriers is not an option I am willing to go with.

My 3G speeds are usually around 1.0-1.2Mbps down and around 350kbps up. Not great by any stretch but enough to watch Youtube videos smoothly which is probably my most demanding task other than downloading ROMS or apps.

jstates916 says:

I'm waiting outside my local sprint store waiting for them to open. I'm the only one here lol. But I'm trading in my Nexus S 4g and its going to be hard to lose wimax because I get 8-13 Mbps down on wimax. I get decent speeds here in Roseville, California even on 3g I average .5-1 Mbps down and peak around 1.9. I can't wait for sweet LTE to hit here

bradclaw says:

Just traded-in my EVO 3D... What a brick compared to this phone!! WOW!! Amazing screen and smooth as ice. LOVE IT!!! Live in Dallas area and should be getting LTE by July they said. NICE!!

crxssi says:

Yeah, the Evo LTE feels like you are holding nothing when compared to the Evo 3D. Still blows my mind every time I pick it up.

How much is Sprint giving you for compensation for your 3VO trade in?

FaisDogg says:

Sprint is giving $90 for Evo 3D and $70 for OG EVO...I sold my Evo 3d on eBay for $220.00, was sold the first day I posted.

bradclaw says:

I took the $90 because I'd dropped it one too many times... :)

edward0348 says:

I going to pick up mine in a few hours. But I must say that The only reason I going to do It, is because I broke The screen on my EVO 3D and Sprint send me a refurbished one that doesn't work well!.
Otherwise, I'll rather to wait because I live in New York , Where The Sprint's 3g network is terrible, and I have no idea when they going to bring LTE here.

jpdmax88 says:

Walked into my local Sprint store and 8:55am (opens at 9:00am) and walked out with a brand new Evo 4G LTE by 9:15am. Now to call Sprint and port my Verizon number over...waiting till after the weekend to do that since my last porting experience took 3 weeks.

mhmmdy123 says:

I don`t understand why you going to wait that long to port your number? I do porting number from Sprint to other carrieres and back to Sprint, all what it takes just 10-15 mints, not more, I nver heard of 3 weeks waiting period to port a phone number.

AnAm85 says:

Call your local Walmarts, we found one and they are only $158 for new or upgrade!

Every Walmart in the Cincinnati area had one in stock!

Best Buy Memphis stores selling ONLY pre orders today. FAIL AGAIN.

Phenomenon7 says:

Though I am tempted to pick this device up I am going to remain patient and continue to hold out for a potential alternate color/finish to be released.

My OG Evo4G [White] is still going STRONG so I think I can make it but playing with a Co-Workers new Evo4G LTE earlier this week did not make it any easier. Not to mention the likelihood the release of an alternate color or finish being pushed back due to the whole patent fiasco.

So, I guess "Successful Troll is Successful" huh, Apple?

Can't wait to upgrade to this in July when my upgrade is available. And when 4G is finally here this thing will be even beastier! lol

blckz28 says:

I preordered from best buy back on the 7th. Just called and they still don't have them in, wth?

mrEVO4glte says:

That's nuts... Best Buy called me on the 24th and I picked up my Evo the same day. I sold my Evo 3d on Ebay yesterday for $185.

FaisDogg says:

WTH...That sucks..I Preordered 2 EVO LTEs on Sunday May 27th and got the email same day..Picked both of them on the next day. Paid a total of $401 for both...Sold my Evo 3D for $220 and OG EVO for $160 on ebay. Called Sprint today, bitched about not having 4G LTE in my area (LOL) threatened them of canceling my service they gave me $195 bill credit making my next bill -$47. I also purchased the Media link HD at sprint store today and LOVE that thing..

yankees2323 says:

Just picked mine up. Went into best buy yesterday and they had received 9 phones and had 8 preordrrs so I claimed the last one. They even let me use the gift card toward the phone so it came to 161 total.

Can't believe how light and fast this phone is. Plus, my girlfriend inharited my og evo, so I gained major points there.

briankurtz79 says:

You gained big points with your girlfriend after giving her your 2 year old used cellphone? She is easy to please. Mine would be throwing that at me

yankees2323 says:

Better then her lg optimus s and her upgrade is in 3 months so its just to hold her over

DWR_31 says:

Waiting for the stock ICS update for my 3D.
Sprint, if you make me wait too long I might have to root again and not buy anything.

cliberti says:

Ordered mine last night as soon as they were available online again and I get the we are sorry, but your item is back ordered email. Now, if stores have them and they released it online at midnight then they should be shipping them and not botching it like they did the pre-order.

japclev says:

Wow bb and sprint have not called me with preorders at both...

Gator352 says:

Might be a great phone but it's still one ugly mutha focker.

Rrennick says:

Won't buy and will probably check it out in their store.

SoCalMario says:

Sprint Store in Chula Vista California (on Broadway was only selling pre-orders. I was willing to pay full price since my upgrade us due next year. What a crock of shit "available in stores today" and yet they couldn't tell me when exactly they would be selling these phones to the "general" public. FAIL FAIL FAIL!

kinster02 says:

It must be a San Diego thing because in Hawaii they have plenty on hand and they were trying to convince me to buy but I told them I would wait a day.

Still waiting on Best Buy in AZ.

epic_mike29 says:

Got mine this morning.

mcwheeler says:

I am 95% sold on Android but I still want to see what the next-gen iPhone brings before I trade in my E4GT

BruhMan says:

Went and picked up 2 of the 5 they had at Sams Club. Only $168.00

mech1164 says:

Went to the mall yesterday in Paramus NJ here to the BB Mobile. Was the first one in. Yes they had my preorder. Took close to 50 minutes to get it going, seems the fact that I had GV integration caused a hiccup in their activation system. After wading through the would you like this or that or some other thing it was done. Walked out of there with just paying 50 for the phone. They applied the 50 GC for buying the phone. Knocked off another 100 for bringing in my OG Evo. Have to say was well worth it. Still getting used to it but boy is it fun. OK Sprint Lite up LTE now and we are golden.:D

Pre ordered on Saturday morning on Sprint.com, and got a email this morning saying that it will arrive on Monday. Super service!

jmagnt7 says:

You guys…. You guys…. (best cartman voice) Ringer volume = shutter volume for camera. So yeah whatever volume level your ringtone (up/down thingy on top rt of phone) will control your shutter volume for the camera.