It's been many months in coming, but the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is finally available on Sprint. For all intents and purposes, it's the same Galaxy Nexus we've come to know and love over the past five months or so. Same 4.65-inch Super AMOLED display at 720x1280 resolution. Same 32GB of storage. Same 1GB of memory. And, like the other versions of the Galaxy Nexus, it's running the latest version of Android, aka Ice Cream Sandwich. (For those of you who worry about such things, it's running the latest version, Android 4.0.4, out of the box.) It's also got the same 5-megapixel rear-facing camera with zero shutter lag. Huzzah.

The big seller here, of course, is that the Galaxy Nexus is one of Sprint's first LTE-enabled phones. That's the good news. The bad news is that Sprint hasn't yet turned on its LTE network. So it's 3G-only for now. But once that switch is flipped, we're expecting to see some impressive data speeds. Oh, and because we're talking Sprint here, it's also got Google Wallet built in from the outset. So there's that. 

Check out our official unboxing and initial hands-on above. 

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Sprint Galaxy Nexus unboxing and hands-on


Yeah thx Phil . I left sprint a few months ago because the 3G and wii max service was horrible. The rep was begging me to stay and wait for lte meh. I'd rather pay extra to use AT&T 4g lte and hspa+ than sprint any day. I bought the gsm galaxy nexus and the lte galaxy note and I have to say both phones are great but after awhile the nexus beats the note. The note sometimes suffers from lag and when I need to do something quick the nexus works like a charm. Love my nexus , now I just need a white one with lte from AT&T .

Thanks for the hands on! Only one thing the Verizon and Sprint battery doors are not compatible, if getting the extended battery from Verizon you have to remove two door "nubs" to get it to fit.

My wife has one now and she LOVES it. It is still new to her so confuses her some but overall it is a great upgrade from the first Evo.

Oh and she goes all day [literally] without a charge and is consistently over 75% battery. Granted she doesn't use it that much throughout the day [some calling, text messaging, etc] but her Evo would die at least 6-8 hours before this one does.

Agreed... Saw my first one in the wild the other day (one of my customers had one). It is completely awesome. Getting tired of waiting/hoping for it to come to Sprint, though.. :/

So how fast is the LTE on this phone? Oh yeah, that's right there is no Sprint LTE still. Well at least you can still use their 3G, right? Oh, you don't say. Sprint has the slowest 3G out of the four major providers. Ouch. Well at least you still get direct updates from Google since this is a true Nexus device. Oh wait yeah I forgot, CDMA Nexus devices have the same delay to updates as OEM devices. Well at least Sprint will have full blown LTE coverage by next year covering the whole country. Here is the map proving it But oh, the LTE coverage that actually covers the country is mostly on the 800mhz spectrum. Well surely the Sprint Galaxy Nexus will work on the 800mhz LTE spectrum. Oh, it doesn't. It only works on LTE Band 25 which is the 1900mhz spectrum Hmmm, what was the reason to purchase this phone again.

Then don't buy one and move on. I myself will enjoy mine as I have usable Sprint service in my area and also I'm not afraid to root so don't rely on the carrier for all my updates (I did the same with my NS4G).

So how does rooting fix the major 3g radio issues with the device?
Oh yeah, it doesn't. Have fun with your LTE (even though there is none), 3G (even though the radio has major issues even working) Nexus (even though it is not a true Nexus) device.

Sorry to say it but frankly this phone is a joke. It is neither a Nexus nor is it 4G. To sign another 2 year contract for this complete farce of a phone is just sad. Especially when you are self admitted to have owned the NS4G. Was the lies told about that phone and it's poor radios and build quality not enough to make you rethink "Nexus" devices on Sprint. Sure you are saving money, but how good is that when the phone barely works as advertised.

Shrug, I buy what works for me. I didn't have any radio issues with my NS4G nor do I notice any with my Galaxy Nexus. (there is already an updated Sprint Galaxy nexus leaked radio that some are already reporting fixes whatever issues they are seeing)

So yes, by unlocking and rooting there is a potential to fix some issues. Anyway, bottom line, for me, I'm not having those issues, and I get what works for me. Not defending Sprint or Samsung, just that the products I've had worked as advertised for me.

That is good it works for you, but it is still a pretty sad state of affairs when you need to void your warranty (root) to load a leaked unofficial firmware to fix phone breaking issues that should have never happened in the first place.

Right, because only sprint people root and hack their phones. Nobody is putting a gun to your head to buy this phone. Move along now.....douche!

Not only is he a douche about it, he's trying really hard to make it known how much of a douche he can be. Was that 3 posts in a row about how bad this phone is? Did this phone mug him in an alley? Does this phone owe him money? Is this phone the dirty jew to his aryan race?

It was one post and three replies. This is what is called a conversation. You might want to try it instead of hijacking other peoples comments just to call them names.

It seems there are people that are so in love with this poor quality sham of a phone that they need to comment needlessly just to call someone a douche when they point out the endless problems with the device. Well frankly I am sorry my friend, but the truth is right above you. I provided links to back up every statement I made. The short of it is, Sprint is selling an LTE Nexus device that neither has an LTE network to run on nor the direct Google updates and AOSP support that a real Nexus is provided. Also of note is that it can only use 3G for it's data but the 3G radio is broken and in need of a fix just so it can work. As if those problems were not enough, the real kicker is that even when Sprint does finally supply a nationwide LTE service (2 years from now) it will mostly be comprised of the 800mhz band, not surprisingly this phone will not work on it. Leaving all early LTE adopters on Sprint stuck with very little LTE coverage. Was it not enough for Sprint to charge every customer extra money when the majority never even got to use their now defunct WiMax network. Now they can get screwed all over agian with this poor excuse of an LTE device.

It looks like you are taking your anger out in the wrong place buddy. It is Sprint you should be mad at, not me. I am just here telling the sad facts. It is Sprint who is screwing you, yet again.

You clearly have no idea what you're talking about. When the network vision is in full swing the subscribers will have LTE on 1900 MHZ, and 800 MHZ. This will ultimatly allow for way better coverage, and a lot less traffic issues. Early adopters will never have services taken away, and by the time everything is ready to go they will be eligible for upgrade again (early adopters are usually the ones who upgrade when they are eligible). Clearly Sprint has wronged you in some way, but I for one don't want to pay through the nose for my service, and I also want to have unlimited internet. I have a Galaxy S II, and on 4G I download at 5.3Mbps, and on 3G .6Mbps. Since I have 4G everywhere I go, I am never on 3G (but even when I am I don't have a problem. BTW I personally have no anger toward you, or any carrier, I just think you should get your facts straight before you talk shit!! I feel like you didn't even read the article you linked to. Even so here is a link that backs up everything I said. Wouldn't want you to accuse me of making things up.

You might want to look at that map I provided in a previous comment. Like I said the majority of Sprint's LTE "in full swing" will be on the 800mhz spectrum. The Galaxy Nexus along with every other LTE phone being released on Sprint do not have the an LTE radio that can pick up 800mhz. Making them limited to the 1900mhz spectrum and it's low availability, which is still zero at the moment. So maybe you should get your facts straight before you comment.

Also, it must be nice for you to receive Sprint's 4G everywhere you are. But you must realize you are the minority and that all the other Sprint users who have never used Sprint's WiMax have been paying the same extra 10 dollars on their plan to receive nothing. So they have been basically footing the bill for your lovely 4G coverage all the while they never used it once even though they pay for it. How nice is that?

Not to mention that your argument for how good this phone is, is that the LTE network will finally be great after the contract is up on his device and you need a new one to work on the largely 800mhz LTE spectrum. How does this make sense?

You are now the fifth user who feels the need to curse or call names because they disagree with me. Is it so hard to argue your point without cursing? It must be as no one has yet to do it. It seems there is some hidden aggresion with you Sprint users. I wonder why that is?

Wrong again, and I fail to see where I called you a name, I may of said shit, but we are all adults here and sometimes use adult language. Your map you point to only shows voice coverage, so it has no meaning when it comes to LTE coverage. The only reason they are launching it on the 800 spectrum is to offer better in-building coverage, and reduce traffic. Each spectrum has it's own benefit. The higher it is the better blanket coverage you get, and the lower it is the better in-building coverage. So when closer to the tower you will be on the 800, and when farther away you will be on 1900. If your phone isn't able to take advantage of the 800 than you will simply stay on the 1900.

As for the $10 charge Sprint has never said it was a 4G charge. This is taken straight from Sprint's website explaining what the charge is for.

"What is the $10 Premium Data Add-on?

The Premium Data add-on is a way for Sprint to continue to provide smartphone users the value of unlimited data on the Sprint network while still giving them the data experience customers have come to expect."

So yes I do feel for the people who don't get 4G in their area, but they are not paying the $10 for 4G. If they had a 3G phone it would still be an extra $10 if it is a smartphone. Their only mistake was adding it to only 4G devices at the start. That made everyone think it was a 4G charge. Frankly I would rather pay an extra $10 a month bringing my bill to just $79.99 for basically unlimited everything except landline calling, than pay $89.99 at AT&T and only get 3Gb of data. I consistantly use close to 5GB every month.

BTW I am not even slightly angered or upset, I just think you are severly misinformed.


This guy isn't mindlessly bashing the phone. He is providing valid points with links to back up his gripes with the device. I prefer that to "THIS PHONE BLOWS", or complaints like the color of the back cover.

If you have a problem with criticism, move on, like you suggest he does with getting a different phone.

And your point is? Other people on other networks root. You don't say. That has what to do with having to root and void the manufacturer warranty to fix a Sprint phone with a phone breaking bug to make it work as it should have out of the box?

Looks like you really didn't actually have anything of importance to add to the conversation other than to call me a name. Last I looked I have only stated facts about the problems with this phone with links to back up and prove my statements. It seems you are so hurt over these facts that you had to comment just so you could call me a douche. Way to prove your point. Congratulations.

Well damn, you talk like if sprint or a representative of sprint raped your mom then killed you dog, sheesh. Obviously sprint is having 3g issues and they are in the middle of trying to make things better for their customers with their network vision upgrades which also includes the process of upgrading to lte which is coming along a lot faster than what most people think. You think at&t/verizon are perfect? You think they are the saints of the cellular provider world? Please, get over yourself, you sound like a total idiot.

Hate to say it but I'm kind of with him on this one. I have a nexus s 4g and radios are awful. I'm literally one room away from my wireless router and i'm getting 1 bar signal. We just got back form a road trip to Chicago and my wife's iPhone 4 had 3g almost the entire way and my phone was on 1x. I know that signal indicators aren't everything but she was finding directions while my phone wasn't able to pull up anything.

He's also right about sprint's 3g being terrible. I can't stream music at all with my phone no matter how strong my signal is. I have to offline anything I want to listen to on the road which defeats the purpose of even having a data capable device.

I am only on sprint because of the cost savings but I'm starting to wonder if it's not worth the extra few bucks to jump ship. I don't live in a major metropolis so I will most likely never see 4g LTE so there's no point in even buying a phone with it.

The only advantage of the galaxy nexus is pure android and I wonder if it's even worth it on such a crappy network.

I actually agree. I have been with sprint now going on 11 years and I have watched them go from an awesome 3G network to a 3g network that is downright shitty! The 4G network is reliable about 75% of the time when I'm outside. Depending who's house I'm in, you can forget about 4G.

However, If it were not for the Network Vision upgrades Sprint is implementing, I would be jumping ship. Sprints upcoming network has a lot of promise. I would advise anyone whop lives in a populated major metro area to get a Sprint LTE device. The 3G should improve since the new phones are using the new spectrum and the LTE should be BOSS when it arrives...

I have waited 12 years for Sprint to make their service "better". Frankly I got tired of waiting and moved on. All cellular providers are crooks. But at least now I can use data on my phone.

It seems to be a sad trend on this site for people like you that are so butt hurt over a phones laundry list of problems that you need to call names. Is it really that hard to get a point across without calling someone stupid because you can't deal with the truth of the situation? I guess it is just too difficult to come up with a valid point on why this phone could ever be considered worth purchasing, so just call someone stupid or douche. That's the ticket.

Come on now let's be serious my friend WHY DUMP on Sprint?? How pitiful. No carrier is running away with the GOLD concerning this device ESPECIALLY VERIZON. At least Sprint offers a device with up to date software directly from google with true google wallet and google shopper preloaded not some stupid XDA work around like Verizon. Oh yeah we GALAXY NEXUS owners on Verizon the leading carrier in the US have been stuck on the same pitiful 4.0.2 software version since December 15 2011. Verizon charges the MOST for devices and overall service monthly and are the poorest carrier in the update game since 2years ago. I am a Verizon customer with the Galaxy Nexus and have 2 lines of service i brought over from sprint in November 2011. I have told everyone and will continue to tell everyone that all that glitters isn't gold Verizon may be the number one carrier but there network is very unstable at best. I live in Manhattan the LTE capital of the world according to Verizons coverage maps and all day my GALAXY NEXUS spends more time switching from LTE to 3g which drains your battery endlessly. The signal strength is pitiful and Verizon has been aware of this since December and have done nothing. Spending 300 dollars for a device you should not have to root or rom for stability carriers have responsibilities and should live up to those responsibilites when they get paid monthly like clock work for 2 lines. Verizon is the biggest JOKE in the carrier game at least Sprint understands business relationships the overall importance to listening to there customers and doesn't try to openly RIP PEOPLE OFF. Great point Sprint launched the Galaxy Nexus for 199 as well as the upcoming Evo 4g Lte device also for 199. What does Verizon do they Charge 300 dollars for the Incredible 4g which isn't closr to the new Evo spec wise. Verizon only cares about ripping off people for there overpriced crappy network Sprint is much better than that at least and still will have unlimited when there LTE network hits. Now as for the TRUE NEXUS statements the ONLY true nexus is the GSM NEXUS being sold through the google play store directly from google. After that Sprint will have the next real nexus why because of there relationship with Google. Verizons nexus will be treated like it has been December LIKE GARBAGE. So guess what Verizon can KISS MY RUMP all night long. I will take my 2 lines elsewhere sell my Verizon Nexus and purchase my new nexus from the google play store. End of story and end of verizon plain and simple. Based on your trolling your either a verizon customer thinking your on some kind of high horse with that crappy company or your just simply a dweeb that needs to be pimp slapped.

Sprints relationship with Google? Are you kidding? You do know that it took Sprint and Google 4 months to update their last Nexus to ICS, right? Other non Nexus phone received ICS before the NS4G ever did. This is anything but a good relationship.

I am not too sure why you have gone off on this tangent about Verizon in comparison to Sprint, as I never mentioned anything about them. All I have done is post about the many problems of Sprint's Galaxy Nexus. Does Verizon's have problems too? Yes it does. As a matter of fact they will both be shortly having the same update problems. But at least Verizon's LTE Nexus has an LTE network to use, and at least their 3G radios actually work when there is no LTE in the area.

I would also like to point out that you are now the fourth person to reply to me in a row that has chosen to call me a name. I simply stated facts about how this phone is not worth the purchase or contract, all while never using foul language or name calling. It seems that everyone who disagrees with me has no real way of stating why this phone would ever be worth the purchase, so they just resort to name calling. Am I to assume this is norm on this site? Disagree about something and we shall belittle you. I would just like to say, this is some great community here. Way to run your site Phil. Great job you are doing.

Congrats on single-handedly igniting this flame war. Also, nice on blaming Phil for other people's actions on the internet. Eagerly awaiting your contribution of gasoline on this California wildfire of a comment thread. ;)

I don't blame Google for putting the Nexus on Sprint and Verizon. They are just appeasing the masses that don't want to leave their carrier.

To all the people saying carrier branded "Nexi" aren't real, they are. They just aren't totally controlled by Google. By this I'm basically stating, Google gives you a CHOICE!

Apple did the same thing when the iPhone came to Verizon. Its a numbers game. If you want untouched Google get GSM. If you want to stick with your carrier you will have to settle for a little touching.

I guess Sprint will be touching me a little more from now on.

Ah yes, a CDMA Nexus with none of the advantages of a real Nexus is a "feature". Thanks for clearing that up.

Picked mine up on Friday and really couldn't be happier at this point. Only real thing I changed was the launcher to Nova, it has a couple nice additions over stock.

The screen is beautiful (can only imagine the Evo LTE's). The phone is fast and the battery compared to my Epic 4g is much improved. Only thing I haven't done is root and I'm debating if I even need too, the only reason I can see rooting right now is to restore game saves.

My Epic started giving me fits so I decided to just get the phone I had wanted all along and not play the phone spec game. I am positive the Evo LTE and GS3's will be pretty awesome phones too. Having, used this phone for a couple days now I know I made the choice that was right for me. Pure ICS is a wonderful OS and again I just wish the phone makers / carriers would offer a more stock experience with their add ons coming in the downloadable format.

I got the GSM version from the Play Store on Thursday. It's a sweet phone, and I'm glad those who choose to use Sprint have the opportunity to own one of the best Android devices out there.

Great move on your part. Now you know jellybean will be directly coming your way by december from google. I will be doing the same thing too bye bye Verizon..

Preordered this phone, was so excited to be able to do so, waited and waited. Got it, charged it up. Activated it on sprint account, and within 3 hours, battery was dead. Second day, battery wouldn't charge. Had to reboot to get it to charge. Same thing, made it 3 hours, battery dead. Both times normal use, no surfing, the only thing syncing was email. everything else on manual refresh. Automatic brightness. Everything I could do to minimize battery life. Took it to sprint, they exchanged, (no issues), and second phone had the same experience. Battery life sucks on this phone, no two ways about it. Thats why Samsung offering a second battery when you order directly from them. Took the phone back to sprint, (no issues again!!) and got back on my Galaxy SII. Couldnt be happier. Buy an extra battery or 2 if you get this phone. Nothing but a Battery HOG!!!

My vzw with heavy use and 2100 battery I'm lucky to get 5hours. But guess I use my phone its a work horse have no complaints that's what a chargers for.

I know this is going to sound dumb but I had no idea we got earbuds. I have been so used to not getting them anymore with a new phone I assumed it only had a charger and paperwork in the box. I go through a crap load of earbuds and I prefer in ear so thanks for the video Phil. Wow do I feel stupid! Happy but stupid :-)

LOL at those saying a true nexus comes only on GSM. If I had a GSM nexus the first thing I would do is root it and put AOKP on it, just like my VZW nexus has.

So everyone should be forced to void their warranty and flash unofficial code just to be on the latest firmware that true Nexus devices receive day one. Sounds awesome!

BTW Sprint doesn't care if you root your phone. I have taken more than one rooted phone into the Sprint Repair Center and they have fixed it free of charge.

Just because they ignored or did not notice your root, does not make it any less warranty voiding. There are some people out there that do want to live their lives honestly and not take advantage of others. Just because you are okay about breaking the rules and getting away with it does not mean everyone else is.

Like I said, whether the store you dealt with choose to care if you were rooted does not change the fact that rooting voids the warranty. Just because you got away with it twice does not make it true. Also stating my argument is invalid also does not make your comments true. You are wrong. Rooting voids the warranty, that is a fact. There is nothing to argue about.

Correct.. void the manufacturer warranty, but since Sprint has it's own repair centers that they will work on phones at regardless of the warrenty they can choose to work on it or not. This has nothing to do with the manufacturer warrenty. I don't think I have ever met someone that has sent their phone back to the manufacturer to have their phone repaired. So really to me a warrenty provided by the manufacturer doesn't really matter to me when I can take it to the local Sprint store and have it repaired there.

Wow, way to be a dick! Bravo to you as well, you clever person, you!

What exactly to you expect on a site dedicated to Android? Go troll someplace else.

There is no "journalism" on this site. Especially when the words are being typed by Phil. All this site is, is a big advertisement for Google. Not a single bad word has been spoken by Phil or any of his cohorts about the myriad of problems in the Android community. It is just a big Android circle jerk around these parts my friend. If you want actual journalism you will need to go to an Android blog that has any semblance of integrity in it's reporting.

Get off the site if it's so terrible.. My god, that's the definition of troll right there. Just because they try to not bash products on their site does not make it "not journalism".. Go start your own Android bashing blog if you'd like- it's a free country.

Again your snarkiness shows through.. Just because a particular website doesn't have what you're interested does not stop you from going elsewhere and either getting the information there or starting your own website/blog. Point is, you're being kinda jerky, and while this country is free, you are necessarily free on this website to be jerky.

All I said is if you don't like what you're reading here, go elsewhere. There are obviously other places that suit your needs better. Just sitting here and pushing peoples' buttons is just trolling.

And for the record, I've seen plenty of negative commentary and news on this webpage. Maybe not as much as you'd like, but again, go elsewhere if you don't like it.

Get a life.. I'm not going to provide links.. They're here. I never said I'd provide the links..

Again, get out if you don't like the website. You're trolling.

That is because you can not provide any.

"I've seen plenty of negative commentary and news on this webpage."

Yet there is no proof of this. Making things up and stating them as fact is not the way to win an argument. You commented to me. You wanted to have a dialogue, well here it is. You are a liar, and have no prof to back up what you said. I too read this site and do know for a fact that they never disparage Google. In fact AC tends makes excuses for Google whenever Google does make missteps or is plainly cheating their customers. The fact that you want to pretend you are not going to humor me so you do not have to provide proof only shows that in reality you have none. Because if you really didn't want to humor me you would have never responded back.

My recommendation to you is to stop lying if you don't want to be called out about it.

Dude, you're embarrassing yourself. This is an Android info site, not "unbiased journalism".. Get over yourself, and stop being so long winded.

Well now that we agree that there is no journalism going on around here, maybe Phil should stop referring to himself as a journalist. Like I said this site is just one big Android advertisement.

Could you please provide links to where they make excuses for Google when they make a misstep. I believe you were upset earlier when people were calling you names instead of actually making a valid point, yet you call this person a liar. Your argument here holds no water without proof as well.

This article makes no mention of the lack of the 800mhz LTE radio in the Galaxy Nexus not to mention the problems a lot of users are having with non functioning 3G radios.

This article is making excuses for Google trying to state that the Sprint Galaxy Nexus is a real Nexus. -

Here is another were AC is still trying to portray a CDMA Nexus a real Nexus. -

AC also flat out refused to address why the 4.0.3 update was pulled for the Nexus S back in December. Never once mentioning it the full four months it took to be fixed and released as 4.0.4.

They also never addressed why the source of 4.0.3 was still available for the OEM's to build with even when 4.0.3 was so broken that the update was pulled for the Nexus S.

AC never addressed why the update to 4.0.4 took four months to complete and finally send out to the Nexus S. Was it Google's complete lack of caring that they left a lot of Nexus S users with broken phones or was it so broken it literally took four months to fix?

I have never seen one article on here on why we can not delete apps from our download history or devices from our accounts. Plainly it is against Google's own privacy policy, yet this has been a problem since Android was released.

Of all of the talk of OEM fragmentation there has never been one article about Google's own Nexus fragmentation.

This is just a short list of major issues that AC is either covering for or completely ignoring. There are many people that come here for reliable news about Android. For AC to conveniently leave out the missing 800mhz radios in Sprint's new LTE phones, or stating over and over again that CDMA Nexus devices are real Nexus's even when they clearly are not is just irresponsible. How many articles have there been on Sprint's new Galaxy Nexus, not a single one mentions that there is a huge number of users experiencing the 3G radio not working at all. That is important information that could be useful when purchasing this phone. The user could easily see if the 3G radio works before leaving the store. Instead they will be ignorant of the problems plaguing this device because AC doesn't want to make Google look bad. They are purposefully leaving out important information just to make these devices look better to the customers. This is clearly not journalism, and really is no way to carry about as a "news and information" blog.

Ok so let me try to understand... because in an unboxing video they didn't report that the phone doesn't have an 800 MHZ radio that is "irresponsible" reporting. I would assume information like this is more reserved for a review. Also I don't really see why it would be up to a website that reports on items that have to do with the operating system to report on a carrier's decision to leave out a radio that has no consequence on how the operating system runs. I think most people would agree the only real important piece of information regarding internals would be the processor, memory, camera, and graphics chip etc. Also if someone goes into the store and buys the phone, and it doesn't work I believe that is what a return policy is for. About the Galaxy Nexus not being a Nexus device, I think that is really a matter of opinion, and I don't think you can fault anyone for having a different opinion than you. You clearly have a different opinion than me and I don't fault you for that. And just by searching the editorials there are plenty of negitive articals on AC.

I feel like it needs to be asked at this point, what kind of phone do you carry? You clearly have some sort of hatred for Google, and AC.

BTW these articals you link too are about phones, not Google. So I don't see these as examples of AC making excuses for Google since these are about phones.

You obviously don't read the site.

Speaking of which, why ARE you here if you hate it so much? What joy do you get by trolling a site that others obviously enjoy?