What's the Evo 4G without accessories, eh, Sprint? The carrier has begun showing off (at least internally) the latest accessories for the highly anticipated WiMax/3G Android phone. Offering from an assortment of Bluetooth devices to video docks and car mounts. Different chargers and Phone covers that come in just about every color to match all of your outfits. [Engadget]

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o2bnclemson says:

What are the odds that these accessories will work with the HTC Droid Eris or other HTC devices? Particularly any type of dock accessories?

fatboypup says:

Little to none of them working on the Eris due to the size and connection difference the EVO will use MICROusb .... the Eris uses MINIusb.

rufflez says:

dont forget that HDMI port too.