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Sonos is rolling out an update to both its hardware setups and mobile apps to enable new features today. The first part of the update will come to the Sonos base station itself, and will improve the handling of favorites. Users will now be able to add tracks, albums and radio stations to favorites no matter the source. The new favorites can now be accessed from any Sonos Controller in the music menu as well.

An update for the Android (and iOS) Sonos Controller app is on the way to take advantage of the new features also. The Android version will receive a new widget that lets users control tracks and playback without launching the app itself, as well as show album art and metadata. The app will also receive universal search available from anywhere in the interface.

Both the system and app updates are expected to start rolling out tomorrow, so be on the lookout if you're a Sonos user.

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Sonos update bringing favorites improvements, new widget for Android app


Currently listed "under consideration" here:

It'll come eventually I expect, but Sonos always takes time (much as I love it) and they may need cooperation from Google itself as well. Looking forward to having the official widget on my N7!

Lack of support might be more Google's fault than Sonos. I read an article where a music app developor stated that Google was not very willing to give access to Google Music to 3rd party vendors.