Sonic Dash

Android players receive special score multiplier this weekend only

SEGA is launching another Sonic game on Android today, an endless runner called Sonic Dash. This new title is an "endless runner" kind of game (think Temple Run) set in the wonderful old-school 3D Sonic world, with all of the fun associated. You'll jump, slide and roll your way through enemies, collect rings and see how long you can go without dying.

The game runs on both phones and tablets in portrait mode, and is a blast to play — even more so if you're a Sonic fan. The big downside here is the intense focus on upselling you to buying more rings, unlocks and power-ups. You'll watch video ads between runs and generally be nagged to make purchases, so if you plan on playing for long you'll want to make at least one in-app purchase with a minimum price of $3.99 to remove the ads.

Beyond the weird freemium model, SEGA seems to have another great title on its hands here, and we're glad it's made its way to Android. You can grab a download at the Play Store link above.


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Sonic Dash hits the Play Store - an endless runner with your favorite SEGA characters


I uninstalled this so fast it wasn't even funny. Every other menu click was loading up a video advertisment. Commercial for this commercial for that, no thanks!
In App Purchases I can deal with, but loading commercials every few clicks? No thanks.
The game was fun though.
edit: So if you bascially spend 3.99 it removes all ads? Where did it say that?

There's too many commercials on my Nexus 7. Why the hell are there ads on this in the first place?

I'm deleting this.

Because its a free game that needs to monetize? I agree the ads are annoying, but considering you can pay to turn them off, it's hard to see why you would just up and delete the game. Did you expect a free game without ads?

Not even going to search it. I know it's going to say "Not available in your country"

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I can't figure out how to disable adds. Do I just have to spend 4 bucks or is there a hidden "remove adds for 3.99" somewhere I'm not seeing?


Found it. You gotta press the + sign next to the ring count and then it will show you qualified purchases that remove adds.

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Loved android from the first galaxy s, but the developers can't keep up with all the hardware variants, there's just not enough techies in the world.

Hell every update to the android OS creates another 1000+ active varients as the manufacturers and networks try to keep up. How is every app developer supposed to?

It's time for manufacturer fragmentation, where each looks after their own and Google just provides the backbone. (Aka amazon store)

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I just downloaded it. The graphics are really nice on my N5, and the game brings back good childhood memories. I'm not much of a game player, but this might be a keeper.

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Loved this on iOS. It's even better playing it on my HTC One than on my iPod. I'm so happy this version has an ad-removal ability. The iOS version never had the ability to remove ads until the latest update that came out today, which IMO was a disgusting business practice. Now the game is all I could ever want it to be. Also I didn't have to enable anything special to see the purchases that were eligible for ad removal. Double-rings is the one you want to make.

If its ads notifications and app ads, no way. But is o have ad blocker so idk if that does anything. I have had this game for over a year in my iPhone and iPod BTW.

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Not available on my Sprint BB Tour.bummer :-( lol!! :-D

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I've played these games before.. am I missing the point? Pay to remove pain isn't a model I can tolerate, I just don't get it.