It seems that the Google Android OS, the platform touted as being open for all, is a little less open for some than others. If you own an unlocked developer G1 Android phone, even those received by Google employees, you may be missing out on some paid apps in the Android Market.

So far, apps like Shazam and Calorie Counter only appear as free apps - at least they do on my unlocked G1. According to Google's Android Market help site, "copy-protected applications, including Shazam and Calorie Counter" are invisible to unlocked developer phones. I guess the developer phones make it easier to commit pirating mayhem. Hopefully this issue will be remedied quickly because those with developer and unlocked phones should find this untenable. If you have an unlocked or developer G1, are you missing anything?



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Some Paid Apps Invisible to Unlocked Android Phones


My G1 has root access and I can say that Shazam and Calorie Counter are both available on the market.

I can confirm this behaviour for at least the following apps: - Video Recorder / Video Camera - ParkMark Free - Voice Recorder This is really annoying, since it is most likely that other apps will follow. Hopefully there will be a solution to this problem soon ...

Wait, so you're saying there're paid versions of Shazam and Calorie Counter? I don't even have an unlocked phone, and I don't see those.

Wow, I was just about to buy a G1. The openness of (unlocked) Android was a selling point for me. Now I need to wait to see what happens and reconsider.

If the Android market is locked down too, maybe I should just go with an iPhone.

well, I am sure this is just because of the weak security for protected apps.

I do hope google just improves the security with signing or binding to your google account and removes the developer lock. It smells like a temporary solution until they have a better protection scheme.

So far, non-free applications are only available to those in UK and US, no matter what kind of phone/firmware you have. So unless you use a UK/US proxy on your home network and connect to your home network by wifi, if you're not in UK/US you won't see any non-free apps. That's my situation right now. I just wanted to tell you this, in case you're in a similar situation with an unlocked ADP phone, maybe it's the geographical limitations that kicks in, not that you have an unlocked phone...

You cannot view the paid apps or get voice search/dialing until you've applied the RC33 firmware upgrade. Because this is t-mobile specific it is not automatically sent to the adp1. You can do this upgrade here at your own risk. Google will be releasing a new adp1 update some time in the future.