Officially not for sale until April 19, but some folks are hearing differently -- and one fellow scored his today!

Update: We reached out to AT&T, and can confirm that the official release date is still April 19. 

If you're ready to buy the HTC One from AT&T, you might want to go visit your local store this evening. That's what go3go from the forums did, and he walked out with a shiny new HTC One in silver for his troubles.

Just went in to my local AT&T store to check up on the pre-order deal with the media link since it said it was out of stock online. Was told the pre-order period was last week and the phone was out today. Walked out with a silver 32 gig. Still kind of in shock, since I was convinced it wouldn't be out till next week O_o

It's a kick-ass phone, and we're glad that go3go was able to get his, but we have to wonder -- was the AT&T salesperson a bit confused about which HTC phone was released today, or is this just a quiet early launch? "Officially" the HTC One goes on sale April 19. 

If you dropped in on AT&T and checked, what did you find out? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to congratulate go3go on his score.

Source: HTC One forums


Reader comments

At least one AT&T store is selling the HTC One a bit early


Super lucky guy. I always thought release dates were dumb anyway. I understand making it readily available on a certain date, but, if people have pre-ordered them, then they should ship them to the stores for delivery instead of having them sitting in some warehouse for a extra week.

If this phone had stock android I would probably get it, even with a crappy 4mp, call it what ever you want, it's still a 4mp. As money conscious as HTC is getting why not release a stock android phone and let google do all the os work. This phone with stock android would be bad ass and sell big.

I'm really tired of these stock android comments! The average user does not care about the version of software the phone runs. If stock android was so in demand, the Nexus would be the hot seller instead of the GS3. Also, the average person does not care about removable batteries or storage, see iPhone sales as proof.

jacknit you are so right . I am your average person and I don't care one iota about "stock" Android. In fact , I really prefer Touch Wiz or Sense to the stock Android. I think most of the ones who want Stock Android are the geeky kind of persons .

I care a lot about what version of android I'm on. Big difference between say 2.3 and 4.1 . I however don't mind a skin over it if its good. Only bad thing is not having the update to the next version In a timely manner.

That said, I would prefer stock android over sense. Don't like the Htc skin much. Love the phone other than that though. I like even the optimus ui on my optimus g better than sense.

I'm really tired of these iphone non removable battery comments! You can't compare iphone because it was a revolutionary device when it debuted. Apple managed to create extraordinary hype surrounding the iPhone. Why do you think people camped out for days in order to get one and lines surrounded full city blocks? IPhone could have had one hour of battery life and the masses would have still stood in 8+ hour lines in order to be a part of electronic phenomenon. So iphone is not a fair comparison model. It is the exception.

I was at an AT&T store today who had three of them and the sales guy was willing to sell me one of them. All I had to do was ask... :-)

nice!!! my friend who is an apple fan sold his iPhone 5 and ordered a HTC one from ATT. I will def play with it when he gets it

I was offered one today in the AT&T store I visited. They seemed very eager to sell me one once they saw how excited I was about playing with the demo. I forgot when the release date was. :( Had I remembered I would have bought one today just to be one of the true first to own.

Just went to the AT&T store in Brunswick Square Mall, in East Brunswick NJ and they sold me one. Didn't have to ask if they had one, they had it on display and I bought it.

They must like you more than me because went to that same store and was told only for pre-order. Guess they likes your money more than mine

No luck for me. They had display units, but wouldn't sell me one. Only preorders. She kept thinking I was talking about the HTC First, I said, NO. lol. Oh well, I'll just wait for Best Buy.

How the f@#K HTC could not see the confusion this would cause, especially after their last faux pas, HTC ONE/First, REALLY HTC

The only phones that we've received at work are the demo ones that are out on the sales floor. Otherwise I'm sure I would have bought the first one in the store.

But yea....I kind of worry about these reps job safety. I can only imagine my managers finding out we sold a phone before the street release date. Heads would roll....

I would have gotten one too but the manager wouldn't clear me for an early upgrade. It seems like the One shipment came with the First shipment, and the store people are just as confused by the names as the consumers.

I don't really see the confusion in the HTC ONE and the HTC FIRST. I know that the FIRST is the Facebook phone and the ONE is the latest HTC flagship phone. No confusion for me at all

I meant this in response to smithcalvind 's post that I quoted below

Quote [ "How the f@#K HTC could not see the confusion this would cause, especially after their last faux pas, HTC ONE/First, REALLY HTC " ]end of quote

I played with the demo unit in the Skokie, IL store yesterday afternoon. Impressive, but they wouldn't sell me one. I want black anyway.

Exactly! It's kinda weird that it's announced that at&t will be getting both black and silver, but I only see Silver ones rolling out,y is that??

Went to my local at&t store in Hartwell Ga. They had the one on display and for sale. Love the way it feels so much I'm thinking of getting one.Though I thought I would be fine with my optimus G till a snapdragon 800 phone came out.

After reading this article last night, I went into my local AT&T store this morning to see if they had any. I walked in and told the sales rep I was interested in switching to AT&T (which is true) and wanted to get the One. He smiled and pulled his own out of his pocket. He said he's had it a few days, and that they were just setting up the display unit. Through conversation, I gathered that they had some in the back, but it's to be sold next Friday.
I would have bought it today, but even with all my hinting, I wasn't able to get it early. Obviously, I was a little disappointed. I guess I'll have to wait another week. My Vibrant is over 2.5 years old; I don't think it'll hurt.

Hey guys just went to three ATT stores in Miami and all three had them on display and in stock for sale! All in kendall florida region.

Stopped by local at&t in suburban Atlanta, on display and for sale. Unfortunately I preordered mine, so I'll have to wait till sometime next week, I hope.

I played with a display model in Brooklyn today on Fulton street. I'm guessing you can get one there if you are looking for one. Felt really nice in the hand. Surprisingly light.

I had the original EVO and then got the EVO LTE and ended up trading it for a Galaxy S3..... I think HTC makes some pretty bad @$$ hardware but they are horrible about getting updates out and even though both EVO's were rooted it seemed like the Galaxy S3 Dev community was just way better at getting stuff out and running better.. I hated that they now lock the battery inside now... Wasn't as big an issue with my EVO LTE as it was with the original EVO.. Specially if you used WiMax for any period of time what so ever.... I just don't think long term HTC is going to survive the Mobile Phone war....... They just don't have the pockets to keep up...

Bought mine this morning. AT&T store in Northridge, CA. Was there when they opened. They had it on display and I left with one.

I almost got one in San Antonio. I went to an AT&T store and asked about the HTC One. The guy was going to sell me one. I asked about the HTC Medialink but he said the promo was already over. I told him that online it said it was through the 18th. Unfortunately, he double-checked and saw that the release date was the 19th and they had already sold a couple of HTC Ones erroneously. I guess that because the display went up today, they thought it was okay to sell them today. I ended up preordering with a medialink and no shipping fees so it was slightly cheaper than preordering online. Still, I was disappointed I didn't get the phone today.

If you're in San Antonio, don't go to the AT&T at the Quarry since that's the one that now knows the real sale date. Sorry, folks.

I went to the Elmwood Store in Harahan, Louisiana. The phone was on display and they were selling it, but they said they couldn't cancel my preorder and replace it with a One that they had in the store. Oh well, I guess only two more days until the phone ships.

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I checked with my AT&T store last week, and they said they received 4 of them and all sold out by 4 p.m. At least the one sales guy had one so I was able to actually play with it a little. I pre-ordered the 64 G one today. The sales guy told me they all got a really good reaming for selling the One so early, LOL. I told them they should probably be happy they didn't work for Apple, because they all might have become unemployed. =)