The introduction of micro-arc oxidation on the HTC One S has been one of the more interesting (and controversial) moves in the smartphone manufacturing process. As you'll recall, the MAO treatment basically fries the aluminum shell in 1.21 Gigawats of electricity, changing the metal into a near-ceramic and giving the phone a decidedly unique look and feel. MAO's not without its share of criticism, though, with some complaining of chipping. Regardless of the outcome, you've got to admit that the process itself is pretty damn cool.

At HTC's booth at CTIA in Orleans, we're getting another look at that process, with the One S stripped down to its bare metal and shown through a half-dozen manufacturing steps. Sadly, nobody's frying any metal here, but we still get a pretty cool look at the production process of one of the sexiest phones in recent memory. Check it out.


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Six stages in the production of the HTC One S


I think these kind of treatments are BS. HTC pooped the bed with the EVO 3d bezel finish. Mine and the 5 others I know have chips everywhere from the first couple of weeks. My EVO 4G was great and had zero signs of wear after a full year. Was awesome.

So you are judging a metal treatment based on a phone that did not receive said treatment? That's like saying immunizations don't work because you got the flu after your friend got his shots...