If you're the owner of an original HTC One M7 and wondering when T-Mobile will be rolling out the Sense 6 update to your device, we have some good news. The rollout has already begun and if you've not seen the update arrive on your device as of yet, you should now be able to check for system updates and find v5.14.531.1 available.

Although the T-Mobile site just notes 'features and improvements' we know from earlier releases it includes an updated Blinkfeed, overhauled camera app, and more. Sense 6 also moves the apps into Google Play so HTC can update them without having to push a system update for the device.

To go along with the update, HTC has also refreshed their software update page to reflect the changes. With T-Mobile now available, that leaves Sprint, AT&T and Verizon remaining to make it available. While we wait for them though, have you already downloaded the update? If so, how's it working out for you? Let us know in the comments or in the Android Central forums.


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Sense 6 now rolling out to T-Mobile HTC One M7 owners


Are you trolling or are you dead serious because I have a Sprint model and lately have been barely making it through a regular school day.

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Seriously? Mine's gotten worse. And is there a way to get the page by page flip back on Blinkfeed? Much easier to flip through than continuous scrolling.

Good to see Sense 6 getting pushed out, but how did it get released before the other carriers when it was still in the development stage a lil while ago?

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When they developed it they probably got it right the first time and didn't have to troubleshoot much.

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You never get it right the first time. That is a tried and truism of programming. I am guessing that they just forgot to move the status

I believe the double tap to wake feature if I'm correct is a kernel based feature that's included in the Snapdragon 800 SoC which is why it was not added in the update cause the M7 uses the 600 SoC. Custom kernels have been able to implement it but the way in which they do it is not the same and in some cases causes issues that impact battery life.


I'm running an ElementalX kernel on my M7, with the feature enabled.

There's a slight impact on battery life. It's worth the extreme convenience, though.

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Power on volume app is good too, you just use the volume button and you don't even have to do anything like installing a new kernel. The battery hit is about the same.

I guarantee its much easier for you to push the power button then it is for them to try and impliment something on a device it was never designed for.

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That was sneaky. It was still in development the last I looked. Downloading it now!

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I am absolutely shocked that T-Mobile got this update before the other carriers. They are almost Never first. Good for them.

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I installed the update last night with no issues. I'm bummed about no tap to wake, but at least they added emoticons back. Couldn't figure out why they ditched them in Sense 5.5.

Weird, I didn't in the 5.5 update. When I brought it to the T-Mo store, they basically said "Oh well". Anyway, I'm glad they're back in my texts.

I've noticed that scrolling is a bit smoother throughout the entire system.

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Got an update but Sense version is still 5.5 on my HTC 802d (Dual SIM M7). There are no further updates. Am I missing something? I am based out of India and have an unlocked phone. Not controlled by carriers.

I updated my M7 to sense 6 but instead of having 5 rows of icons I now have 4. Anyone know if there is a way to change this?

If you're referring to the app drawer, hit the menu in the top right. Then, access "Grid Size".