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A new menu item is showing up for some users in the Play Store on the web, giving you a look at all of your +1 and comment activity in the store. This reflects a change that was added to the Play Store on Android back in December, letting you have a broad look at all of your Play Store engagement in one place.

If your account has the new tab, you'll find it on the web Play Store right underneath the colorful buttons for Apps, Music and Devices and is called "My Play activity." This probably isn't the most useful thing in the world for everyone, but if you're wondering what apps you've +1'd and need to see them all in one place, you now have that choice.


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See all of your ratings and +1s in Google Play on the web


I have been wondering about some one-star ratings I gave about four years ago. I wonder if the apps were ever made any better and I would like to delete my old ratings since I don't think it's fair to keep years old ratings that app scores if I haven't actually tried the app in a while.

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Another invasion of privacy. How do I turn this off? I already have "+1's" disabled in my g+ account, but that doesn't seem to affect this.

There you go, rather than keep my consolidated ratings and installed apps private, you suggest simply not using them or rating the apps (which I do to give feedback to the developers).

That's ridiculous!

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Unless I'm mistaken, this is a tool for YOU to look at YOUR ratings and +1s, not other people looking at them. If you have +1s turned off, I doubt there's a way for someone else to see all your Play Store activity in one place.

Then again, why would you review apps if not for the benefit other people (including the developer) might get from reading your review?

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I just tested it on a separate google account and I can certainly see my own personal +1's and ratings.

I prefer to rate apps anonymously. It's not my coworkers business to see what apps I use in detail, but when google forces you to rate apps under your real name AND consolidates the data for others to see, it does become a problem. For instance, rating an app to help manage medications may not be something you want your boss to know about, especially if the rated apps show a pattern where they could guess your medical condition.

If google wants to add this "feature", then make it an opt-in thing.

If you want to give constructive feedback to developers (which is a very noble thing to do - I wish more people would do that) without being mentioned on Google Play, there is always the option of contacting a developer via email. If you don't want to give the developer your name, either, it's easy to create a secondary email address for this purpose.

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I often do email developers directly when there's a considerable amount of feedback to give, but to simply rate an app to give my support shouldn't expose my personal details - even just my name.

Even the damn Google Play Games app uses your real name - I avoid it for that reason.