Verizon Galaxy Note 2

Samsung has just put up an official product page for the "Developer Edition" of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for Verizon on its website. This is the 16GB variant, and just like previous Developer Edition handsets (like the Galaxy S3,) things should all be the exact same except for the bootloader, which will be easily unlockable. Most of Verizons handsets come out of the box with an encrypted -- and tough to unlock without some leaked help -- bootloader, so its nice to see Samsung come through on its promise to start offering Developer Edition versions.

Unlocking the bootloader on this thing still won't fix that Verizon logo on the home button, though. There's no pricing and availability just yet, but we can assume that you'll see it soon enough.

Source: Samsung; Via: Droid Life


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Samsung outs Verizon Galaxy Note 2 Developer Edition with product page


This poor device deserves a much better place to roam free. It's a shame we have to sit back and watch Verizon mess up another Samsung device. IE Galaxy Nexus and now Galaxy Note 2. What a loss it is.

Enough of the "Verizon logo on the home button" BS. Stop, already. Try really hard and find a real problem to complain about. Please.

Don't like the logo'd home button? Don't buy it from Verizon. Simple fix, huh?

Ok you ask for it. Let talk about real problems ie, Unnecessary wifi notifications that remain in the pull down shade?? No other carrier does this. Let's talk about the infinite scrolling feature that was removed from the handsets application tray why would Verizon do that??. Let's take a moment to discuss the watered down version of the multi Window feature that released with Verizon's version of the Galaxy Note 2. I guess Verizon said screw it we will take as much of this feature out as possible. Oh yeah how about the infintile and childish branding and cosmetic changes that was made to the device in general. This was not how Samsung made the device which they are the manufacturer not Verizon. Since when does carriers become cosmetic specialist these acts are unnecessary and offer no choice to it's customers. Samsung delivered a device that made it to market on all carriers and none of the other carriers went out of their way to make cosmetic or internal change to their devices. Why did Verizon have to be the odd ball??? They have gotten way to big for their britches Google pimp slapped them making sure they will never have another Nexus device again after the farce that took place last December 15th. Now Samsung needs to make sure the Galaxy Note 3 NEVER see's the light of day on Verizon again. All Verizon cares about are it's piss poor Droid Razr brand bet they wouldn't do that garbage to any Motorola devices that they did to the Note 2 cosmetically.

Even knows Verizon got the watered down multi window feature...Verizon is pathetic.....://

What's pretty pathetic is that you don't know how to copy/paste a link and format it so it actually works... Don't you usually claim to be "in the know when it comes to technology"?

1. He said not to talk about the carrier branding and here you are mentioning it. Do you know how to read?
2. You call those "real problems"? They barely affect the true functionality of the device. You can still surf the web, send and receive emails, texts, calls, Facebook messages, etc. You can still doodle all over your screen with the S-Pen. Tell me in what way(s) the Verizon version can actually DO less than your "pimp slapping" T-Mobile version. I'd be willing to bet you can't because all the things you just listed above are flashy, superfluous aspects of the phone that lend virtually no real usability. How childish.
3. Look on the back of your Note 2 and tell me you don't see that T-Mobile logo. So much for Verizon being the "only" carrier to do "cosmetic changes". Idiot.

I take it you work for Verizon, because why the hell would anyone defend them is beyond me. My car was built by Ford not the dealer I bought it from, so I don't want their name on it or them removing features from it . Samsung and Google need to to say screw you to the carriers like Apple has, with putting their bloatware and logos all over the phone.

"My car was built by Ford not the dealer I bought it from, so I don't want their name on it or them removing features from it" And yet the dealer usually hands out a license plate border that has their name on it, and Carmax puts their name directly on every single car they get in the form of a decal. Besides, with cars, you *start* with a base model and work your way up the amenities list. We don't really have that option with phones. Point = moot.
If Samsung really cared about the Note 2 not having carrier branding, even to the extent that Verizon took it, it wouldn't be sold by those carriers. Instead, you see branding on every US version of the Note 2. Verizon just has a bit more. Big deal. Scratch it off with a knife and/or sugar cube and quit whining.

Like I said must work for Verizon! Stickers can easily be removed as too license plate frames. 16gb, 32gb, or 64gb, so there's your analogy for going from base model phone to one having more amenities. And just because you don't understand a point doesn't make it moot. Because, what does choosing amenities have to do with a dealer putting their stickers on a car? So I guess the next time you buy a car, you would be ok with dealer telling you what kind of tires you can put on it or blocking certain radio stations, etc.

No need to call the guy names. But one thing I can think of is the wireless charging feature being removed (the copper is covered with plastic) in the Verizon version.

Come on Richie. You know you were singing Verizon's praises last year when you bought your Galaxy Nexus. What's wrong? Couldn't afford all that sweet fast LTE so you decided to take a step back to HSPA+?

No need for that Developer Edition, Verizon. I already got mine unlocked. You guys are too late like always. (No surprise there)

After rooting, unlocking the bootloader and flashing JellyBeans ROM, this is the best device I have ever had. Really little difference from a software standpoint than my Nexus.

And still no word on the 32/64GB versions. I agree... Verizon needs to stop branding the front of the device and stop messing with the software no matter how small unless it BENEFITS THE USER.

Okay childish whiney babies. If you hate what Verizon has done to this phone so much, then why do you come here and complain? Especially if you don't supposedly even own it. Honestly you're being very childish in that matter. Your spoiled and should learn to appreciate that Verizon even offered it. I love my Verizon GN2. I haven't changed a single thing about it. I have beats headphones so Samsung earbuds are practically obsolete and they make home button covers for this phone. I personally couldn't care less about the branding, who cares? You bought the phone and saved at least $400 with a 2 year contract. What's wrong? Did baby get his feelings hurt about a checkmark on the front of the phone just because they saved you 400 bucks? :, (. So sad. Software wise, who cares about infinite scrolling, who cares about "watered down" multi-window? At least it was the only version that shipped with it on board. I don't care to root my Note as it's already prefect even though I did root my DROID X. And for proof, my previous phone was the GS3. Worked perfectly and before that, the Motorola DROID X. Guess what? That DROID X had a Verizon logo right below the screen. This phone wasn't made to be cosmetically perfect. It's about it's functionalities. Last I checked, I can still download apps, play music etc. etc. Get my point? GROW UP WE'RE NOT IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL BE A MAN AND QUIT CRYING ABOUT THE MOST IDIOTIC THINGS.

Thanks Android_4_lyfe_yeah. It was like watching the PG-13 version of the Nickelodeon channel. I just got the Samsung Note 2 last week from Verizon and I just love it. I had more than a year left on my HTC Rezound contract but the guy was so helpful. Instead of paying the retail of $700 and having to add on another line, he was able to get me the Note for the price of getting a phone at the regular 2-year contract price ($300). He kept my same phone number and I'll be paying the same monthly amount. So do I really care about a logo? Doh!