Galaxy S4 extra battery kit.

Samsung's official kit gives you an extra battery, an external charger and a protective battery case


Removable batteries in smartphones are becoming less common, but Samsung still includes a removable juicer with each of its handsets, allowing a second one to be swapped in on a long day. And Samsung's official extra battery kit for the Galaxy S4 provides you with a second battery, along with a couple of extra things to help you manage the switchover.

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Galaxy S4 extra battery kit.

The kit consists of three main parts. There's the battery itself, which is identical to the one that comes with the Galaxy S4 -- a hefty 2600mAh unit. Next there's an external charger which can be used to charge it over microUSB. And finally, a small, clear plastic case designed to protect your spare battery when it's out and about.

So the concept is pretty simple -- you get a way to charge whichever battery isn't in the S4, and a way to safely carry your spare around with you when it's not in use. The external charger is lightweight and made of plastic, with a glossy finish on the door, which opens outwards. Inside there's a slot for the battery and a charging LED above it so you know when it's done. The charger charges over microUSB at 1.7A, only a little less than the 2.0A the Galaxy S4 wall charger provides to the phone.

The plastic battery holder is fairly basic, but it clips shut securely, protecting the spare battery from knocks while it's out of the phone. It also adds very little bulk to the battery, meaning it doesn't take up too much pocket realestate. 

Doubling up on batteries is a simple but effective way to greatly increase your Galaxy S4's useful time away from a wall socket. Of course, there are alternatives like extended batteries and external USB batteries, but an extra battery doesn't add any additional bulk, and doesn't require you to hook up your phone to another device for a long period of time.

The official Samsung Galaxy S4 extra battery kit is available from for $47.95, 4-percent off the standard list price.



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The Samsung Galaxy S4 extra battery kit


That spare battery, case and charger come stock with every Samsung phone sold to the Korean Market. Also the ability to purchase these phones with 64gb of interior storage. Example, the Note 2 was available with 64gb of int memory with spare battery, case and charger all stock in the same box to the Korean Market. That same phone I tried like hell to buy that package, even called Korean stores to get them to ship it to me.
Why is the US market unable to get that same quality of internal specs and accessories in our Samsung devices.
The same battery, case and spare battery with int memory goes along with the SGS3 & SGS4. All available to the Korean market. Please bring those same internals and accessories to the US Market. You will sell truck loads.

Probably too costly to import to other countries (taxes, fees) Probably cost them so much less, maybe even government discounts involved, so they can bring all these extra features and it is costs them the same as importing the lesser device to the USA for example.

I wish they would too but I know they won't want to sacrifice their profit margins to do it.

You have no one to blame other than us (customers) and the Carriers. Carriers don't want the products and don't want to commit to sales they cannot achieve with the fickle cheap US market. We are to blame because we allow the carriers to push us around and don't fight back. The OEM's are to blame since Samsung could easily make the phone available with US LTE (GSM Carriers anyways) but Verizon has strict controls given the CDMA keys they hold and won't share.

I'm not liking the trend with the newer phones not having the option to remove the battery or add SD card. I personally want to have the ability to expand my storage and swap a battery and instantly get 100% instead of trying to find an outlet or cable when out an about.

Now, will this be an actual oem replacement, unlike the "Samsung" charger I bought from this website?

Now if only some other companies would take this innovative approach to battery management ;)

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I bought mine July 1st and I love it to death. You actually never have to worry about plugging ur phone into a wall charger again. While ur using ur phone ur spare battery will be changing. Just make sure that u use the charger that came with ur S4 to charge the battery because I really charges a lot faster trust me. Money well spent.

This is a must buy for me. I have had one for the S3, Note 2 and now the S4. I have used the 50% off coupon all 3 times.

they wouldn't need this if they just put decent sized batteries in the phones in the first place.

I bought this with the 50% coupon and use it all the time. I do wish the battery case still had the lip to rest your phone in like they had with the Note 2 and S3 versions.

I've always used spare battery for my phones and this is one other reason I chose samsung phones. Initially I thought I can do away without a spare on my s4 but having to be plugged into a charger at work, in my car, then at home just to make sure I didnt run out of juice became a PITA. Plus I hated having to worry about it. So I ended up buying this kit. The battery is bigger so it no longer fits in my coin pocket part of my jeans but I'm glad the added the battery case as I have my keys and coins in the same pocket and will prevent any type of accidental shortage since the battery terminals are protected. The other pocket is reserved for my phone only. I too got it for 50% off from samsung after registering my s4. They give you a month to use the coupon code from the day you register your device.

And to comment on why OEMs started doing away with sd card slot is due to them having to pay Microsoft licensing fee. I think it's like $15 per device.

I'm still expecting the original extended battery from Samsung for the Galaxy S4.
I bought the 3000mAh extended battery for the S3 and it gave me 40%extra battery life.
With the thickness of the S4 at 7.9mm an extended battery of 3500mAh will be great.

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I'm not interested, the 7500mah zerolemon keeps my S4 on for 2 and a half days! I'll keep the OEM charged just in case..

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Yay more glossy plastic


This is a life saver finally brought one, I never ever charge my phone now.... I didn't wanna get extended battery and give up them slimmest of the s4

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I've always bought Samsung's spare batteries/chargers but this time I won't. The older ones let you use the charger as a dock as well, why take features away? I loved charging my extra battery while the phone sat in the charger on the table next to me.

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I have this combo for my Galaxy S4 and it's been extraordinarily helpful. I can either charge the spare while I'm using the other battery in my phone or keep both batteries charged before heading to the airport. Nothing like having a spare battery after your plane is delayed several times over the course of 6 hours followed by the scramble to find alternate transportation. Everyone else on my original flight was looking for someplace to plug in while I was just swapped out my battery. I had this same kind of approach for my Galaxy Nexus as well.

Should also point out that having a swappable battery is one of the advantages of several Android phones. Take advantage of that option. How many iPhone users do you know are frequently looking for someplace to plug in?

I have the Samsung Spare Battery Kit for my S3 and wouldn't trade it for all the extended batteries in the market. I can use one, switch to the other, and way before it dies have the original battery ready to go. I would go as far as to say it's my favorite accessory for my Galaxy S3 by far! Never having to charge you phone again is priceless.

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I have this. Is the best thing. Just switch battery and keep running.

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I just got this myself and it seems to work extremely well. Got it direct from Samsung with the coupon discount. Only thing: I did not realize a battery came with the charger and bought another, so now I have 3. Oh well, that one might come in handy on a trip.

One great thing about extra batteries is that you don't have to shut off all the great GS4 features to save power...just use 'em, enjoy 'em (or not) and switch the battery.

Hmm, I think I may have found the Christmas present for the wife. She does love her S4 and the kid broke the external charger that I bought for her from somebody on Ebay in China.
So either this or another external charger.
Either way, Christmas shopping is now in the bag!
Thank you Android Central!

This is the number one reason to buy a Samsung phone. I've got the Galaxy S3 and before that the S2 and before that, the Captivate.

And I got the Samsung external charger and spare battery for each. I love it. I'm a heavy user and swap several times a day. It beats the hell of having to plug your phone into something.

Are accessories such as these compatible with the Google Edition devices as well? I thought I had asked about cases and samsung products before and someone had told me that none of the accessories would be compatible. But I haven't seen an ys specific accessories for GEditions yet.

The GPe hardware is identical, so all accessories should work. That includes the S View case, which the GPe S4s have specific software to allow support.

That was my initial impression as well. I could see potentially missing some necessary software for some things such as maybe the wireless charing not working as expected or something if they communicate over a protocol of Samsung's design. But I was thinking that most accessories would work in a similar fashion. Good to hear support for that.

Good Review, but pricey product.

On eBay or Amazon, you can get an OEM battery and generic wall charger for half the price listed here -and the replacement battery will be a "real" OEM Samsung. . .

Always good to have a spare battery -in case your day trip turns into an overnight expedition; or you wind up using your phone as your "everything device"" for an extended time away from outlets. . .

(Yet another advantage that HTC lost with its sealed case . . .)

Good news for Galaxy S4 users. It seems easy to carry and require small space, now the users can enjoy more battery backup.

This charger says its rated at 1.7 A. The Amazon version says its rated at 700mAh. I suspect that they mean 700mA. As I recall that is the limit for charging on USB. They have the same Samsung part #.

Somebody is wrong.

I have this kit, don't suppose anyone knows where I can get hold of one of the plastic battery holders separately? I lost mine and its frustrating not having it when taking a charged battery out on the move!

Okay so I bought my Samsung Galaxy S4 on Sept 6, 2013 (I can't believe I updated my phone to mf3 (AT&T), apparently mine was manufactured in April (so I assume this would be the launch day device, purchased in Sept.). Anyways After purchasing this device I signed up at Samsung home page, and registered my device and received a 50% discount on any product less than $49.99. Which I think is a good deal, so I only had to pay 1/2 the price for this Samsung Galaxy extra battery kit, including shipping cost.