Coachella on YouTube

This, folks, is what Chromecast was made for. Now that live events are able to be sent over to the big screen via Chromecast, you really have no more excuses. Coachella all weekend. Hours and hours of music. All from the comfort of your living room. Enjoy.

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Right now and all weekend: Coachella on Chromecast


Just watched A$AP Ferg from the comfort of couch on my chromecast. Only thing that'd be better if i was there. certainly the next best thing!

Yeah that sucks. I've ran into that on many a live event. Every time I forget too!

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You need to stream from a desktop. Not working yet on mobile.

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Top post should update to reflect that you need to cast from desktop. I was initially VERY disappointed that it didn't work from my devices!

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I just took a look as I had no idea what this was. All I have to say is no thanks. Not a fan of hippie music.

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You've seriously never heard of coachella? Take one look at the lineup and then get back to us. I'll give you ten to one at least one of your favorite bands are there right now.

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Me too.. I thought it was an app from the initial description. Not a group I've heard of.. Perhaps they're popular in the US.

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Coachella isn't a band. It's a small town just east of Palm Springs where they hold a 3-day music festival every year. It is absolutely enormous. Indie bands, rock bands, rap, hip-hop, pop - it's all here. And it's not really 3 days long anymore. They repeat it next weekend as well. It'll stream live on Axs TV then. An added plus this year is that it isn't African hot out there.

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I was hoping Ultra Fest Miami, which was very recent could be steamed live, but live stream was not yet supported.
As I read some comments above, this may only be achievable with a computer - really hoping we can all someday very soon enjoy live streaming on TV from our mobiles!

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They should live stream Burning Man next. I hear Bassnectar is headlining, but there will probably be dust storms :/

This streaming thing is cool but I don't have a Chromecast. The YouTube app on my Roku and on my Panasonic TV would not stream it last night. Nor could I cast from my phone to the TV (which I normally can with Youtube). Very frustrating. Back to the old school method of plugging a laptop into an HDMI port.

For those of you in Europe...Coachella is very similar to Glastonbury, if you've heard of that.