Pudding Monsters

Popular game development group ZeptoLab, probably best known for its hugely successful Cut the Rope franchise, has just released a new game today. This latest offering is called "Pudding Monsters" and seems to follow much of the same great design and mechanics as previous games, with an all-new set of gameplay. The objective here is to slide together the little blob-shaped characters to complete levels, dealing with obstacles along the way. There's 75 levels -- and more to come -- to keep you busy here, which is a great start.

Anyone who has spent time with Cut the Rope will surely feel at home with the controls and menu structure, but still get a great new experience with a new game. The game is free to boot, which can't hurt your chances of trying it. You can grab a download at the Play Store link above, or you can buy the "HD" version for $0.99.


Reader comments

Pudding Monsters game released by makers of Cut the Rope


So whats the difference between the paid HD version and paying to remove the adds in the free version?

Both are available for my Galaxy Nexus.

I think the 'HD' version will look better on a tablet.
The ADs in free version are full screen video ads. :-O First time it appeared, I was like "whaaaa...t!! pop-up window on phone?? I don't have browser open!!". Then realized it's the ad from the game. Easy fix - cut the rope to internet. (u c what i did there? ;) ) Go offline and play it free without ads.

That said, Zeptolabs deserves a buck for this. Nice game.

Just did a quick stare and compare. Graphically they looked the same on my Galaxy Nexus, loading times seemed similar as well. No slowdowns on either app.

Nice feature was loading up the HD version it asked if I wanted to import my progress from the free one.

Yep, Zeptolab is one of the very few that get it right. Everyone else seems to believe you buy one device and keep it for a lifetime, no need to make the save game portable in any way...

I bought the HD version becuase ZeptoLab deserves it, very simple concept but tp get 3 stars on every level requires some thinking. What I also like with Zeptolab is that you get a ton of additional contentthe original cut the rope that I paid 99c for started out with 5 levels of 25 puzzles each and I got 7 more over the last year for no additional cost.