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Day 1 of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is a wrap! Listen in to this cross-platform podcast as we discuss the Windows Phone 7 news, LG's Optimus 3D and Optimus Pad, some Acer hardware and more!

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Reader comments

Mobile World Congress Podcast - Day 1


I love the podcast but I am tired of people criticizing 3D!!! We all complain that companies do not innovate and continue to release me-too devices but bash them when they do. I'm not into 3D either but have you realized that basically every movie is being released in 3D, it's almost becoming standard on TVs and there are even some 3D only channels. You can turn it off,I will always take more features vs less features even though I may not use the feature much if they cost about he same. I'm sure the same was said about many of the "basic" features we now have on today's smartphone.

I also have an issue with the statement that all the HC tablets look the same and there is not differentiation and make that sound like a bad thing????WTF!!. When samsung, moto and htc skin their devices to differentiate, we complain. They have now decided to offer pure HC untouched and we also complain? I agree the carriers make more bad choices than good but give them credit for once!!

This is not just directed at the podcast, just had to get this off my chest.Rant over.

I like the podcasts. Suggestion to make them better; divide them up by topic; ie one for optimus 3d, one for...

The optimus 3d is to 3d as clay cylinders are to music. You have to start somewhere, and that somewhere is darn cool in this case IMO.

Phil, get a video of yourself going down the Android slide!!

And you guys should do more crossover OS podcasts!