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We're back! And we've got a bunch of new phones on hand. Plus, we talk about the Great Location Scandalation of 2011, and whether offensive apps should be in the Market. Join us!

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Android Central Podcast Episode 57


There are alest 2 T-Mobile 4G/3G phones that work on AT&T and one is the LG 3D phone and the other is the NOKIA C7 with pentaband magic.
PS Phil if the manufactures made phones that just about worked every were rather than just one carrier in the US and a little bit different looking phone for a an other carrier, they would make a lot more money for one they would be able to buy components at economies of scale and save money and also the one phone would have brand recognition.

IMHO if a phone can't last a day without plugging it in, it's not a real phone-It's a toy. That's cool if a toy is what you want, but I need a phone. Too many smartphones with horrible battery life. Who wants or can afford to spend your days charging your phone at every opportunity?

I know this isnt a new story, or a new post, but....

As it goes for the Apple tracking issue. That news was released a day after they announced their earnings, which exceeded expectations. The stock spiked overnight. The location story came out the next day. Someone out there was trying to balance the scale.