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Phil and Jerry get a little ranty as we discuss the possibility of Honeycomb not being open-sourced. Plus, Amazon's recent awesomeness, and another CTIA wrapup. Listen in!

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Android Central Podcast Episode 54


Hopefully the rumors about Ice Cream merging code bases of Honeycomb, Gingerbread and Google TV into AOSP around Google IO time turns out to be true. I agree that this whole problem could be defused if Google would just come out and say what they are doing. I'm glad something is being done to limit the fragmentation that OEMs are causing on the platform, I'd like to see Android codebase decoupled from the skinning that OEMs do so we can still get timely updates without waiting sooo long for them to catch up.

Jerry really needs to get off the "open source" soap box about Google and the Gingerbread source code. I've been a supporter of the open source community since the mid 90's and it has never meant that the owner of the source code has to give it to the public or other developers. It's there's and they can do what they want with it. I'm all for Google insuring that the end user gets a great experience by limiting what devices "their" software gets installed on. And citing some unknown sources as the basis for the little rant is completely ignorant. Until Google confirms that they aren't going to open source Gingerbread all the vitriol needs to cease.

Where is Honeycomb on the Android Open Source Project site? The Platform Overview page only shows 2.3 as the highest milestone.

Most of Jerry's rant rests on Google's positioning of Honeycomb as part of its open source portfolio, but I'm not seeing it on the AOSP or OHA sites.