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Phil, Jerry, Cory and Rene brave the wilds of their first video podcast to tackle the Amazon Kindle Fire, the latest Ice Cream Sandwich/Nexus news, plus more of your questions. Listen in!

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Android Central Podcast Ep. 72

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seriously! Pentile super amoled plus at 1280x720 with 4.65" screen size has 316ppi. That's going to be soooo close to invisible it's not going to matter that it's pentile. I'm really looking forward to seeing the Prime! Lets hope all the rumors are true; advanced low light camera, 1.5omap dual core, metal construction, curved screen, etc, etc, etc.

Great podcast guys!

Edit: I'm still not getting this issue with facial recognition. There are computer apps that do that to unlock windows, I had one on mine a couple years ago and it was relatively accurate. (if a little too slow) Picasa and Facebook do facial recognition right now to help suggest people to tag in photos, how is that different? Personally I'd love my phone to see my face and unlock as long as it worked quickly. (which i really have my doubts about, especially on a mobile device) The only thing I would think this would be bad is if it connected to social services automatically, so you could point your camera at someone to see who they are. But as long as they don't do that I don't really see the abuse.