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We're back from Google I/O and ready to wrap up the annual developer conference. Plus, what's up with the Galaxy Nexus being banned for patents, other odds and ends, and more of your e-mails and voicemails!

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There are 6 comments

robotaholic says:

I'm disappointed in the podcast this time because Phil wouldn't let anyone get authentically upset about the Apple patent fiasco. But other than that, appreciate everything guys.

lol. Trust me, everyone's plenty upset. I just didn't want to spend all day bleeping out folks. :)

MrEngineer13 says:

If you want to get upset about Apple and patents, they just patented "The ornamental design for an electronic device, as shown and described." That's it, that's all the text the patent contained (the rest was graphics), so now no one can have a sloped electronic device. [See full patent: ]

daveloft says:

According to you discussion about an unlocked LTE device on the Google Play Store. I'm certain it will be an issue in the US for quite a while but they could start doing it today in Canada with no issue.

The LTE iPad (3) is sold in Canada unlocked and there is just one device that works on all the major networks. I've tested the device with a couple different carriers and was able to swap sims back and forth with no issue.

I'm definitely hoping that the next Nexus device has LTE.

funkylogik says:

aparently apple are gettin sued for their noise canceling technology :-) good!

jayefef says:

Just wanted to answer the question about the never ending circle of updating Pocket and Read it Later from either the Amazon Appstore or Google Play - I had the same issue.

I solved it by logging into my Amazon account and going to my digital orders. There I was able to delete Read it Later/Pocket from my "purchased" apps ("purchased" because I got it free as the free app of the day). That should clear the app from your Amazon account and should ask you to update the app from the Amazon Appstore.

It's a nice feature Amazon has I'd like Google to use implement a similar way of managing apps.