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It's a 100 percent drama-free podcast, where we all hold hands and hug and talk about kittens and -- awwww, who are we kidding. We dive into HTC's AT&T One X and Sprint EVO 4G LTE being stuck in customs, whether or not multitasking is "broken" on the One X, what's going on with Google Music. Plus, more of your e-mails and voicemails. Join us! (And, no, we have no idea why Phil's video is so slow.)

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Android Central 96: HTC stuck in Customs, multitasking mayhem, Google Music drama


And so it continues. OK, here's my premise: multitasking should allow a user to multitask. An OS that shuts down APPs that a user would like to return to or use while running other APPs (i.e. music) is flawed.

Jerry can't seem to understand that the users aren't upset that HTC has modified Android for their own purposes. He seems to think that if only the users would understand that Sense is not pure Android all the complaining would go away. He couldn't be more mistaken. The affected users are upset that an operating system that they have used before has been modified (with no notification) in a way that makes it less useful and in some cases harmful (i.e loss of a document in progress). Any modification to an OS that makes multitasking not work as expected and wanted by the users is wrong. And please don't raise the canard of OPEN SOURCE. A company making a phone less desirable because they have a right to under open source has still made a phone that is less desirable. Jerry forgives them (who know why) because it is their right under open source to make multitasking a negative issues with some users.

Cory had a very insightful comment. He asked if a modified ROM could address the multitasking issues and make it work like users wanted why didn't HTC do the same? Why indeed. Jerry said something to the effect that they probably did it to balance other features or OS needs. If so then they designed a poor OS that limits a feature that works well on other phones but not on theirs.

A note to Jerry: the next time you want to defend a phone manufacturer why not try and do so in a less condescending manner. I think that is what some people found offensive in your article.

All I know is since about the week after getting my first smart phone I have installed custom roms that fix or eliminate all of what the manufacturer thinks I want. This will be no different. I know some smart dev will get a nice stock HTC Sense based rom up and running and will revert the multitasking change to the way stock Android handles it. (which probably isn't all that good either) Just like how the dev community fixed the redrawing of the launcher bug (white HTC screen) that was in the stock gingerbread evo shift forever. Devs had it fixed in less than a week.

I am pretty sure they did address this. Users complained that Sense was slow and laggy. In order to fix they they decided to keep more RAM free by being more aggressive in killing apps. I am guessing that HTC decided what was best for a majority of their users, not the minority, which is what most of the folks here are. They are the minority of HTC users.

You hit it on the head dude, Jerry has been screaming OPEN SOURCE until he is red in the face when in reality he is arguing with himself. A feature that is broken through customization is still broken. Just because HTC could break multitasking doesn't mean they should break multitasking.

Edit: Also the fact that Jerry is being so condescending in making an argument that no one has disagreed with makes it all the funnier. We get it, open source is open source, no one wants it to go away or wants HTC to stop making phones, they just want basic functions to work.

I agree with tohio, and I also understand Jerry's point.

One thing is fact though. Android is Open-Source. Either Root or look to the PlayStore.

"There is a App for that."

I usually agree with Jerry. However, he could not be more wrong in his defense of broken features, in the name of open source. I'm glad I'm not stuck with that mess.

I can't believe there was not one mention of Verizon's unlimited data plans.

Just make the ram upgradable and everyone's happy. We know that's not a particularly tricky component nor takes more space for different sizes.. don't we?

Really can't believe you guys weren't on side for the HTC multitasking feature. Just like in Jerry's example where you are in a forum sending a reply/comment and switched out to the browser to Google a stat fact only to come back and find the 500 word thing GONE! It is enough to make you flush your phone down the toilet. It's happened to me so now before I switch out I at least copy the reply to the clipboard.

Also, Phil you said something along the lines of having a nexus on every carrier will make the nexus brand less "special"?? Completely disagree there. Having multiple brands selling pure Google phones is a great thing. I'm sure they would all sell fabulously which would show the manufacturers what consumers really want (I hope..), pure Vanilla Android.

Love the show

All I gotta say is Corey is adorable. Brains, nice lips, eyes, dimples. Good looking geeks ftw! =)