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Let's see someone try to top this: We've got Chrome on Android, we explain just how much you need to worry about security on Google Wallet, plus we've got the Motorola Droid 4 in our hot little hands. Welcome to the Greatest Android Podcast in the World!

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Android Central 87: Chrome on Android, picking Google Wallet, Motorola Droid 4 in house


Mobiles will have to live without Flash but the desktop removing Flash as well is backwards.

Until HTML 5 can do all that Flash can do there will always be a difference between mobile and the desktop.

Shockwave is not Flash. It is Shockwave. And yes Shockwave crashes all of the time.

that CDMA bit was so discouraging since I am on sprint with the nexus s 4g... still waiting for android 4.0!!!

If there is any reason not to get a nexus phone ever again with sprint, this is it.

I'm always quite amazed by you guys when it comes to the Google Apps. Android is Open Source, Google is NOT! There's a big difference here, Google has every right to hold their apps hostage to OEMs unless they adhere to certain requirements..... This is exactly like a lot of apps in the market like things from Verizon or anyone else. Google is a developer like any other and their Gmail, Market, Music, Chrome and anything else is purely at their discretion.