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So long, 2016.

This week, Andrew, Jerry and Daniel recall the year that was. From Android on Chrome to Note 7s on fire, 2016 was a pretty great — and interesting — year in the mobile space.

Thanks for joining us for another journey around the sun! See you in 2017.

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Reader comments

Android Central 319: Year in rearview


One Pokemon GO article got more views than all S7 articles combined (up to that point)?


I can imagine that Samsung hopes that people will just kind of forget the Note 7 fiasco. And, under normal circumstances, I would think they have a good chance. But, I wonder how that FAA ruling will affect this? When you get on a plane in the US or traveling to the US, part of the announcement is an explicit call out of the Note 7 "The Note 7 is forbidden on the plane, whether it is on or off. If you have one with you, please let the cabin crew know immediately so we can get rid of it" is the gist of the message. It can't be helpful...

Andrew. A MacBook? You're having a problem with the Touchbar because it's a silly half assed attempt at a touchscreen which is already perfected on a PC. Get away from Apple.

Finally got to hear the podcast. Another great job.

Jerry - just be yourself on Twitter... Had to laugh on the turtle bit... Good sense of humor... The guys I work with are way more warped than you... Way more...