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Nougat is here! Join us for a very special live, in-person episode all about Android's latest release.

This week, Alex, Andrew, and Daniel convene in New York City to discuss Nougat. It's a full hour of all the new features in Android 7.0, and why you're going to want it — now.

(A quick warning: there is one curse word in the episode. Sorry, Jeff!)

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Android Central 303: 7.0 ways to enjoy Nougat


Any musicians using the iRealPro app can open up a browser page split window to and use the online piano there to play along with the musical accompaniment being generated by iRealPro in the other window. Both sets of audio will play simultaneously and lag free. It's almost miraculous!

Once the new Nexus phones are released will there even be a phone you can buy that is "stock" android? It seems like basically stock Android is dead as a UI once the new Nexus phones release. I suppose some device like the Oneplus Devices may look more "stock" than the new Nexus phones but they, along with other manufacturers, add bloat apps.

I am guessing "stock" Android to most people is going to continue being what is released for the current Nexus devices even though it may not really be correct.

Dan around the 47 minute mark you mention how the Note 7 camera features didn't get backported to the Galaxy S6 - this has not been my experience. I don't know if it's a regional variation difference but my Galaxy S6 camera app was improved quite a bit with the marshmallow update and received most of the Note 7 goodies - in particular manual shutter speed control which was the one I was really keen on getting.