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New Nexus phones are on their way, but before that we're sure to get a public release of Android 7.0 Nougat. When will your phone get Nougat?

Andrew, Alex, Daniel and Jerry (and Jerry's neighbor's tractor) give you a generous helping of the Honor 8, which is a pretty great inexpensive phone coming to the U.S. and Europe this month.

And we're coming up to the official release of Nougat, which means.... new Nexus phones! The team talks about potential features and designs of the two rumored HTC-built Nexuses.

Plus: is Google Duo a good thing, or a good waste? And Twitter Q&A!

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Android Central 302: An Honor and a Nexus privilege


Video calling has been on the decline on Android for a couple of years now. Only FaceTime on the IPhone still lives on but maybe this is a turn around. Or maybe it's just gonna fade in a couple of months.

Posted via the Android Central App

Thought the same until I tried Duo out. It is better than the inherent video calling option on my Galaxy S7. Which I used in the past to video chat with my wife who also has a Galaxy S7.

But it will always lack the integration that facetime has with iOS devices. Watching my wife just switch to it on the fly with one of her friends just fascinates me.

Got to agree with Daniel it's complete bull that Jerry says 5x runs better than 6p and saying 2 GB RAM is enough. I for one is not complaining with phones having 4 GB of RAM.

My Nexus 9 with 2 GB of RAM is OK for general navigation, social media, light web browsing. But get into any intensive gaming (e.g Vainglory), or heavy web browning, and I can feel the lack of RAM start to bite. I don't get the same problems on my Xperia with 3GB.

Whether that's to do with the 2K vs 1080p, or the just RAM, I don't know. But I do know I'd rather have another GB or 2 on the Nexus 9.

Posted via the Android Central App

I had to sell my Nexus 9 as it kept locking up on me so much doing just simple browsing. My buddy I sold it to flashed remix OS and it and has been loving it. I got an iPad mini for me since all I really do is read and maybe use some companion apps for games.

Are you using the latest preview on your nexus 6p?

You took that statement out of context.

Posted via the Android Central App

Did you say the Nexus 5X performs better on N than on M? Wish you'd have elaborated, because that sounds great to a N5X owner like me :D

In regards to applying screen protectors using packing tape on the screen is very effective at removing dust particles that cause bubbles I work for a carrier and apply about five to ten screen protectors a day. Highly effective.

Yep, I do similar.

I use a glasses cleaning wipe to clean the screen, a bit of tape to get any remaining particles.

Then I use the 'tape hinge' method , where you line up the screen protector perfectly, and attach tape to act as a hinge. Lift the screen protector, remove the backing, and use the hinge to put it back in exactly the right position. Remove tape, and use a credit card to smooth out any bubbles (usually minimal). Perfect results every time.

This is assuming you use a glass screen protector. I don't trust the plastic ones, and they are much harder to fit without bubbles.

Posted via the Android Central App

Tablets are not dead. New Nexus 7 will be out later this year. Something like the Pixel C certainly isn't taking over. Are they in the same place as phones or PCs? No. But they still have a place.