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This week, Andrew, Russell and Daniel talk about the LG V20 and whether it has the legs the G5 didn't. Plus, an IFA primer and we answer your Twitter questions!

Why the heck is LG releasing the V20, and why does it appear to look like a larger, more boxy G5? Andrew, Russell and Daniel explore the potential reasons for LG's latest flagship, and whether its new design will appeal to anyone beyond the Android audience looking for speeds and feeds.

Plus: Russell got a Moto Z and likes it — a lot! And an IFA primer, including a discussion of the Gear S3 and Moto 360 3rd generation.

Plus, plus: Twitter Q&A!

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Reader comments

Android Central 301: Your ex-girlfriend's EarPods


Glad to hear someone else likes the Moto Z, I love mine.

And before the trolling starts, no phone is perfect so understand you may not like it. Ok, now troll away.

Posted via the Android Central App

Yep valid concerns are just trolls


Although I really like the mod implementation.

Posted via the Android Central App

Thanks for contributing! Glad you brought something to the conversation.

I didn't say opinions are trolls, it is just the comment section lately has turned into "I disagree and therefore you are dumb." So I was trying to preempt any negative Moto Z responses by saying I understand it has it's flaws. But here we are...

Posted via the Android Central App

I've contributed here long before you shown your face in these comments(at least on articles).

Posted via the Android Central App

He pretty much lives on here so no point in arguing with a kid. He is of the mindset that what he says is right and everything else is wrong.. 

Lol, I actually rarely comment on articles, so you could hardly say I live on here.(not sure if there is a way to see my previous posts like there is in the forums)

I commented by saying I love the phone, but I realize that it has it's flaws.
My comment about now let the trolling begin was because I honestly was expecting to see a bunch of "ugh Motorola" and "no headphone jack=no buy" type stuff. Poor attempt at humor I guess.
But then I had someone say "differing opinions is trolling" but at no point did my post suggest that. So if you think I am whining and always on, why would you comment? Or perhaps you can just realize I cracked a bad joke and move on.

*And I am still amazed that there have not been any headphone jack comments. Also, I am sure I have some typos, sorry, on mobile.

Posted via the Android Central App

My bad lol. I was confused BC I rarely make comments. The commenting structure on the mobile is not that good, and I am also not smart so....

Posted via the Android Central App

Just ignore him. He posts a lot of stuff with little substance.

Btw, I also love my Moto Z Force.

Posted via the Android Central App on the Moto Z Force Droid

I bought mine at Best Buy on that $200 off promo think the worst that would happen is I return it. Well, it is a keeper. I was worried about the camera and it is more than capable IMO. I am very surprised at how no e this phone is. The mods are a little gimmicky, bit very well done gimmicks. I would not have paid $80 for the speaker, but I do use it almost on a daily basis simply BC it is so easy to use.

Posted via the Android Central App

You only ever comment on this site to call me a troll also take that Damn hat off you look like a fool.

Posted via the Android Central App

Better to look a fool than to be a fool in public. You're a waste of bandwidth on here.

Posted via the Android Central App

Agreed. And I enjoy some good sarcasm. I was just expecting to see some gold old Moto hate and was let down.

Posted via the Android Central App

How you guys call me a troll when ScottJ exists is beyond me.

You guys really hate me lol.

Posted via the Android Central App

Surprisingly, there is such a thing as multiple trolls on a single site..... /s

Posted via the Android Central App

All of you are so pathetic it's comical. Barf on the Moto Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz is such a fake big screen phone is comical nothing beats the galaxy note 7 period true multitasking capabilities with its exynoa processor, SAMOLED QHD SCREEN and true pen the galaxy note 7 pimp slaps anyother phone it's comical, it's pretty much plain and simple nothing beats Samsung period they are the GOLD STANDARD of technology nothing else matters.

(Am I doing it right XD?)

Posted via the Android Central App

Hey Daniel; since you seem to be in charge, now, can we hope to see a return of the video feed anytime soon? I stopped following the podcast when they dropped it as it felt like a huge step back towards pre-2000 Internet.
I want to SEE the devices or apps or whatever you guys are talking about.
Trying to make video reviews and stuff like that on one hand but cutting on the video feed of the podcast on the other makes no sense to me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

I don't think it's going to happen. Everything is being dumbed down it seems. Maybe it's better for them, but I liked this place a lot more before the recent changes.

Posted via the Android Central App

I hear ya but I still believe in this site, and saying "go somewhere else" doesn't help things.

Posted via the Android Central App

Ya know I didn't have a problem with them talking about it, just the quick hit content barrage.

Posted via the Android Central App

The previous Glorious Leader was appallingly condescendant in face of criticism, but I have full confidence in Daniel; his previous gig (Mobilesyrup) literally fell flat as soon as he left.
If he cannot put AC back on the rails, no one can.

Well there are several people "in charge" (whatever that means) at AC beyond Daniel, so I think I can shed some light on this question for ya.

Right now, there are no plans to bring a video feed back. As I addressed in a comment further down in this thread, doing live video in particular is an extra drain on resources and makes it tougher to schedule and produce shows. The quality of the video isn't up to our standards, either, and at the same time makes it much tougher to record audio locally for the audio listeners.

Because the video viewership was such a small portion of our overall podcast following, it didn't make a whole lot of sense to try and do video, hurting the audio quality (and our ability to record consistently) in the process. That's not to say that we could never bring the video feed back, but right now it just isn't in the cards.

I really enjoy video podcasts as well, and like when they're available, but once you're on the other side of things and realize how much work is required to have a no-tradeoff quality video podcast, you start to be a bit more sympathetic to the situation.

I like the audio podcast better. I listen to podcasts when I'm driving or flying, so now I can have you guys in my regular podcast rotation. Video was cool and all, but being able to catch it on the road rather than having to make time for the podcast at home or in a hotel is a big plus for me.

I'd love to see you do a video podcast with a 360 camera some time when you're all in a room together, though. I'm sure it's a nightmare to set up and would probably turn out horribly, but it'd be a really fun one off *****-and-giggles thing.

Oh sorry Andrew. Didn't want to put a strain on your resources or already busy schedule to make an hour long video podcast. It must be so tiring working 18 hours a day surfing the internet and playing with phones. I sure hope your Union steps in soon and helps fight corporate so that you guys aren't so taxed into doing 15 people's jobs for just the 4 of you. Hopefully they give you a pay raise too because 120k a year is a drop in the bucket compared to how much time you put fourth writing articles.

Like seriously... You act like a video podcast is just completely out of reach. All you do is hit the damn play button which is right next to the record button. We understand that you put on a few pounds in the last few months and may want to hide from that, but all this Pokémon Go craze that you all have been following should help you with that since you should be out doors walking and catching them all.

Posted from my Galaxy S6

Have you done weekly video podcasts with several people not in the same room? Have you had a quality audio/video experience every time? If so, let us know how you did it without spending a lot of money and time setting it up each week. If not, then your points are invalid as you simply have no clue.

Bottom line, it's not as easy as "Pressing Play" as you seem to think. AC is right in focusing on a quality audio podcast that gets more listeners than producing an average video experience that not as many people view.

Posted via the Android Central App

Actually yes... Some of us mods and admins from XDA did it to better keep in contact with and to keep the staff on the same page. It's not hard and does not cost money each week.

Posted from my Galaxy S6

... And seriously, don't freaking bodyshame anyone - especially the ones writing for this site!

Posted via the Android Central App

Wow, some has some serious entitlement issues.

Remind me, do you pay for the content on here?

Posted via the Android Central App

I'm sorry you feel such a strong need to act like a child in the comments.

You may benefit from taking a little break from the AC comments for a while — hopefully you can learn to be civil and constructive when you come back.

Sorry if I came off as acting like a child, but I don't think I sound anymore like a child than someone writing articles from their air conditioned living room and saying 'it's to hard to do a 60 minute video podcast'. Lol.

Posted from my Galaxy S6

Does Andrew owe you money or something? The salt flow from you is amazing.

The comment section is getting out of control with the amount of first world problems people piss and moan about.

Posted via the Android Central App

Yes, you did come off as acting like a child. And then look at that, you couldn't even just apologize without following it up with another useless snarky remark.

Hi Andrew; thank you for taking the time to answer.

Color me stupid, but I don't see what kind extra drain on ressources you are talking about.

..And "tougher to schedule"?!
How hard can it be to get together 3 or 4 people working from the comfort of their living room?!

You guys play with phones for a living!
The most demanding thing in your line of work is the occasional trip to SF and NY (+ Barcelona once a year) to attend launch partys and big conferences!

Also, I kind of doubt that your audience figures truthfully reflect what is really going on.
Having an app to download and sync a list of podcasts is one thing, but actually listening to it is another.

That's saying nothing about the value of such faceless audience. Those who try to watch live, chat and interact with you may not bring in more money than the others per se, but they are your most valuable customers. They are those who are no trolls, who comment your articles and make the difference between a thriving blog, or a barren wasteland filled with ads.

Oh well.. I tried.

Best regards.

I have no incentive to come into the comments and lie to you about the situation — and I don't believe you're stupid. Why would I come here and give you some BS? If we didn't want to tell anyone why we stopped video, we wouldn't.

I think I've pretty succinctly explained why it's difficult to produce a video podcast while also keeping the audio high quality and releasing them both on a regular schedule. Scheduling is hard when video is involved, because of the equipment, bandwidth, editing and time constraints — that all gets much more difficult when we have someone traveling just about every week. Those equipment, bandwidth, editing and time constraints also all equate to additional monetary costs; this shouldn't be that hard to understand.

We all work extremely hard — individually and collectively — every day to make Android Central as kickass as possible; not everything works, but we wouldn't be here working if we didn't like what we were doing. If you don't see that, or don't enjoy what you find on AC, that's one thing — but there's absolutely no reason to come into here and spout off some useless talk about how we don't do anything. Have an honest conversation about how you actually feel about things, and don't hide behind insults. Or, you can just leave — that's an option, too.

I do realize that it does take work to make the video work and to schedule people... But couldn't you guys at least look at everyone's schedule in advance and plan to have a video podcast every three to six weeks? Is that really too much to ask for? Obviously a portion of your fanbase both misses and enjoyed it.

I also realize that not everyone can do it. Sometimes it was all 5 of you, sometimes it was down to just 2/3 of you... And you know what, those were just as enjoyable to watch. Every week may be asking too much and I completely get that, but once a month or once every month and a half should be doable.

Posted from my Galaxy S6

That's cool, but do/did you care about live Q&A because with video a welcome side effect was live interaction, now we are back to voicemails and emails very much from the pre 2011 days. For this site, anyway.

Something to think about.

Posted via the Android Central App

Podcast live Q&A was just a very small number of people, and limited our ability to move the scheduling around for fear of missing out on live viewers.

Truth is that while live is awesome and we wish we could do it, by recording things locally rather than doing them live, it lets us put out a much higher quality podcast on a more consistent weekly basis. We're obviously looking to have interaction with listeners as much as possible, in terms of Twitter questions, email questions and voicemails ... which I think is far better than just a dozen people entering Hangouts On Air Q&A chat every week.

OK I'll buy that, that explanation is a WHOLE lot better than Phil's was when this started out . His explanation was very non sympathetic. Also the audio does indeed sound better.

Posted via the Android Central App

I was going to say that I wanted to ask questions via Twitter but I didn't know when y'all were doing the podcast :/

Love for all things android and IT

We like the Twitter questions format. I think our idea going forward will be to send out the question tweet earlier, and more often, to try and get in as many as possible. that'll regularly be coming out on Thursday mornings ET :)

If you care about competition in the marketplace you want them both to be cool.

That being said I don't think the v20 will change anything.

Posted via the Android Central App

It's not going to matter. Honestly, it's either Samsung or Apple. Just look at the HTC10 latley and how Tmo abandoned the sales on it. LG does slightly better than HTC but not by much.

Posted from my Galaxy S6

You'll be in tears if you buy into any device 2016.

Flex 3 , LG' s inside the park homerun with all bases covered.

Early 2017, most likely announced at IFA this year.

Posted via the Ferrari of Smartphones: LG Flex 2

Just finished listening to the podcast and I was taken back today to when Daniel (Darth) Bader would host the SyrupCast! I'm happy Daniel moved on to AC and the Mobile Nations team; in my opinion, the best Android podcast available. I always thought Daniel's biggest strength is as a discussion moderator. Now that he's surrounded by top tier talent, it's even more obvious how much of a boat anchor he was saddled with when Doug Soltys and Jane McEntegart were his co-hosts. Keep up the fantastic work AC!

Found out great info on the Quad DAC in the V20. It's the same one in the Apogee Groove and is a ESS Sabre DAC w/4 DAC's per channel. This DAC is very well known in the pro audio space and has glowing reviews on there web site by Grammy award winning producer Don Was and others. It was mainly only for PC's and Mac. That's why LG said it's the first time on a phone. You can google Apogee Groove or go on their website. The DAC retails for$599. This is great news.

Posted via the Android Central App

I used to like Moto but after ditching the 3.5 mm jack, they can go suck Tim Cook's D. Why did Moto have to lick Apple's arse and copy them?

I agree with you. They are Motorolla in name only at this point. Now that any influence Google had on their designs is gone the phones have gone to **** and shouldn't even be called Motorola or Moto I guess.

I just want a new Nexus 7. I really hope one is released this year. That size is perfect for me. It's between a phone and my laptop which is perfect for lunch time at work or toilet time at home and the price is typically very good. I agree about not needing or wanting a laptop replacement like the Pixel C. I have a laptop for the times I need one and it does everything better than something like the Pixel C. In the admittedly rare moments I want to use a tablet no other device really works as well. Also, my kids use tablets as their primary devices for when we allow them screen time which means if a Nexus 7 is released this year I'll probably be getting a 3-pack for Christmas to replace the 2012 Nexus devices that are just barely hanging in there.