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We've heard from the bloggers, now let's see what a developer has to say about this year's Google I/O developer conference. (OK, and we'll hear from some more bloggers, too.)

We take one last spin around Google I/O with an actual developer — Mike Wolfson, the coder behind the Android Central App (among other things). Plus we get more insight from a couple folks who were able to stay out of the Silicon Valley sun.

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Reader comments

Android Central 290: Dev's-eye-view


I don't mean to be cheeky guys, but in my humble opinion android central is going downhill, I'm gonna listen to this show and hopefully I can feel I know you guys again.

Posted via the Android Central App

I assume he was referring to the fact that you talked about how the website is monetized and the app isn't, and how that affects your content deliver strategy to an extent. There are some pretty entitled users out there who don't like it when "free" site owners acknowledge that they actually do need to make money off of their users.

I'm listening to the AC podcast on GPM via Chromecast threw my very big stereo!!!!

Rodeo time, time to get er on down the road

Maybe it's just me but I'm a visual creature and prefer video podcasts. I feel a lot less engaged by these audio only ones, so much so I haven't bothered listening since they stopped the Hangouts. Come on guys, let's get back to the original format, PLEASE !

So are you saying that we are staying with audio only? Will be be going back to video? I use to watch all the video podcast, I have not listened to a podcast since you quit doing video about 2 and a half months ago. WHAT GIVES???

Can you guys publish the audio only podcasts on YouTube so I can listen to them from work?

Posted via the Android Central App

Is there something about YouTube that couldn't be accomplished by subscribing in one of numerous podcast apps, or listening on the web (on this page) or downloading the file?

Probably because you used to and then changed when you stopped the video. It's pretty obvious you're pushing people to itunes.

I'm sure it is Phil, but like technology times have moved on. Hey it's your site and you will do things the way you feel is best. It's just feedback from one avid "viewer".

Posted via the awesomeness of the Nexus 5X

Come on man cut the guy some slack, he's been diligently working on the audio for months now while also traveling apparently non stop for those same months. Cut the man a break! NO MORE VIDEO, no matter how many of the tens of us who "watched" the podcast complain and lament about the good old middle days of this android podcast when it was in multiple formats.

The future is here! (said in an old timey 50's infomercial voice)

Here's my take on audio vs video. I watched the video podcasts, I liked the video podcasts, and I missed them for a while... but actually, since the podcast went audio only, I've found I use the time spent listening to it to actually get stuff done, whereas before I just sat and watched. Also, since this podcast switched to audio only, I've found I've started listen to OTHER podcasts more as well, ones that I used to listen to all the time, but drifted away from. So I've grown to sort of appreciate the change. It would be nice to have a video podcast once in a while, but if this is the way things are going to be most of the time, I'm cool with that. There's no way I'm signing up for and installing iTunes to rate you though, sorry :-P

Posted via the Android Central App

That's exactly what I do. I wax my truck, clean house and other stuff while I listen to the Android Central podcast.

Rodeo time, time to get er on down the road.

Agreed. I too will do other tasks whilst listening to the podcast. I will only occasionally view the video (if available) version of the podcast.

I listened to the Google l/O 2016 podcast whilst I was getting ready for work and it was so negative. I don't know if that's because everyone is getting slightly jaded but the first 30 minutes was awful. So I had to stop and cast some music instead. It's just a bunch of people who just moan and moan I am glad that Jerry offers some clarity. Maybe it would be a good idea if you guys re listen to some of your podcasts to see how you sound and come across

Posted via the Android Central App

Hey Phil, nice discussion with your Android native developer.

I have a suggestion: when it comes to the web development news, you should see if you could have a talk with an actual web developer who can explain what it all means. To me, it didn't seem like any of you had any idea what it was all about...(progressive webapps, etc)

Again, the talk about the native side was good.

Just a follow-up: I realize this is an Android-centered website, but Google is driving the modern web forward, hence the relevance (imho).

This google hub thing is going to fail so hard. It's funny to even hear people discuss it. I'm not sure what is going to fail harder...this or VR.

Also, I use messenger and textra. If Allo becomes an sms and whatsapp combination and messenger goes away I will not use it. I don't want or need Google's version of whatsapp. I need a simple sms app that 100% of phones are compatible with. I do not want something like whatsapp built into my texting app. This is just hangouts 2.0. I am not interested at all in interacting with bots or AI. I don't care how advanced they are.

I listen while driving to and from work so video would be rather dangerous, lol. I've watched the video podcasts maybe 2x (I was on vacation and had time to sit and watch) but mostly I also multi-task while listen so I prefer audio. If I want to see the gadgets and things you are talking about there is always an article with pictures & or video available to peruse through later. Thank you for making my drive to work somewhat educational a couple days outta the week...

Posted via the Android Central App

I listen to podcasts and don't understand the value in video. Watching a bunch of people talk doesn't have a ton of visual interest to me.

Posted via the Android Central App