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So many questions. So many answers. Strap in, folks!

You fine folks out there have been sending in your questions for weeks. And we're dedicating this entire podcast to answering them. We talk phones. We talk tablets. And, yes, we dive once more head-first into the world of adult subject and technology. You don't want to miss this one!!!

Audio only this week, folks!

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Android Central 284: Your questions, our answers ...


Just a little comment about the AC app. This post is so short, that you can't scroll to get the comment FAB to appear. At least on my phone. I just turned to landscape to get it, but thought you may like to know.

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A note for the first caller. I have a Shield Tablet, and I use it identically to how he described his use. I popped a 128GB SD card in and turned it adoptable storage, and it has been working really well so far. I did that soon after receiving the Marshmallow update, so it's been a few months without issue at this point.

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On the person who commented about the porn addiction, the comment about the Bible ticks me a bit not because the-Bible-is-false-and-yadiyadiyadah, but because there is research and literature to suggest that sex and porn addiction is not only incomparable to other addictions neuroscientifically but also often amalgamated with sexual guilt, often from religious prohibitions (as Dr. Darrel Ray argues in his writings on the topic).

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You can get addicted, in some form (yes it is different though) to just about anything. Video games for example ... I don't hear people calling in to make that point when AC discusses gaming. So I can only assume it's a moralistic objection, which the bible thing sort of backs up...

If that's their view, fine, but it's not mine. I don't beleive porn is inherrently bad. I don't think it's inherently anything. Porn is a medium, it is what you do with it.

If you get addicted to it, then as Jerry said, that can be a serious problem, so good for you for beating it. I just don't see it as AC's responsibility to warn us about that. Were grown ups.

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Regarding a Microsoft Android phone, I think it's only a matter of time.

I've actually used their Arrow Launcher for a little bit, and while it isn't my go to daily driver, it's actually a really nice launcher. If I weren't someone who was very very particular about customising my homescreen, i'd use it. And I'd totally recomend it to other people.

I also typed this on their hub keyboard, which is also really good. If it had swipe it would perhaps be my default.

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