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We're back with some new hardware this week after the London launch event for the Huawei P8. Plus, the latest on the upcoming LG G4 after another flurry of leaks and official teasers, more on the Samsung Galaxy S6, and we'll answer even more of your questions live on air!


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Android Central 232: Gray Wookiee


Zero comments... how can there possibly zero comments! NOOOOooo....

Anyway Phil, I thought you could make a plausible Ewok, but after refreshing my memory, you would be better as a Wookie ;)

Thanks for the reminder on LG software, which is the only phone which I have physically broken in frustration. Stable and reliable? Yes. Responsive? No. And speaking of responsiveness, I've thought that I was making un-founded conclusions about iOS screen responsiveness when I assumed they were less responsive than the Android phones I have had. This was based on game play and the number of times I've died because the screen did not seem to respond. To this day I still don't have all the stars on some levels of Leo's fortune under iOS, yet is was easy to complete all of them when I first got the game on my M4. But, I was playing around a few days ago using my fingernails when my hands were a bit oily from eating a sandwich. I found that it worked very well on my Android phone, but poorly on my iPhone. So it is indeed true that the capacitive touch screen on some phones is more sensitive than others. Although this alone does not explain why I watched the poor furry koosh-ball fall to his death while frantically tapping the iPhone screen with the normal part of my thumb.

Is the S6 battery life really that bad? For me, I think that I'd put up with it for the looks and maybe the camera, although I tend to use a real camera for anything important. I did discover how to (almost) drain an M8 battery: I spent the day with bluetooth, mobile data, and wifi on, surfing the web and watching YouTube and movies and music. Oh some new games helped the process along as well as three long conference calls. I got home and was going to take a nap, then realized I had an evening board meeting. This was the first time since I've had the phone that I've gotten it down to 20% in a single day. Today was a normal day, and right now the phone has 16 hours and 19 minutes of runtime and the battery is at 65% as I type this.

I did notice a few changes after the Lollipop update: The extreme power save mode is slightly less effective now, and I don't quite get the three hours on 1% that I did under Kit Kat. I used to think I could get two weeks of standby in an emergency, but now I'm not so sure. Fortunately the regular power save mode is better, as is the normal mode, and playing music with the screen off seems way more efficient. Matter of fact I took a very long drive in the country today in our old Karmann Ghia, and had music from the phone streaming the entire trip. Music seems to have little impact on battery now. Well, gotta go now, and I suspect several other people have posted in the time it took me to write this. You guys are great!

PS: I mentioned the software changes in battery life, with hopes that the S6 will see some improvement with the recent push...

By the way, has anyone noticed retail stores and how they are steering customers away from the M9? Samsung banners all over the place and display devices out in the open, while the M9 is not being advertised at all and the display phones are tucked away or intentionally hidden? A sales person actually had to move a floor standing Samsung sign out of the way to get to the M9...

That's really no different than what we saw with M8 vs. S5 and M7 vs. S4. Samsung's marketing dollars buy floor and shelf space, HTC doesn't have marketing dollars.

Yeah, your'e right. HTC puts nothing into store marketing, and what they do spend is wasted on commercials that don't sell phones. Aside from that, I do think it's odd that a retail outlet would use a Samsung sign to hide the only HTC on display.