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It's pretty crazy out there today. The Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 are in stores, and folks have tons of questions. We'll see what we can answer. (And, yes, we'll touch on this "new" M9 software update that is and isn't new.) Plus, we're buying Star Wars. Again. Only this time on Google Play.

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Android Central 231: Phil ain't even mad, y'all


Is that just live listeners? I only discovered the podcast two weeks ago, and I watch the video... just not live.

Posted via the Android Central App

I download this every single week, listen during my commute and enjoy it. I don't own a single Android device while owning nothing but iPhones, iPads, and Apple TV's. Ironically I don't even bother listening to the iMore show anymore because I'm sort of spoiled by the better commentary from Phil, Jerry and the gang.

I listen but it seems like it could be shorter and still put out the same content. Or make it biweekly.

Posted via the Android Central App

Are you f---ing kidding me/us? This Android Central podcast is awesome and I look forward to it every Friday afternoon. If you don't have anything cool to say then don't say anything at all.

Google+ All Day Everyday

I listen every weekend when i have the time, very informative and entertaining

Posted via the Android Central App

Wish I could post pics....took a screenshot of Phil with that Nap thing lmao

Posted via the Android Central App

This video is quite interesting for Snapseed users. It's explaining some new features (some of them are quite hidden) very well.
Nils Kokemohr from Google (Nik Software founder) is also talking about their internal discussions about how they could deal with a powerful editing app on such a small screen. One of the results was that settings can be changed while being zoomed in - something many other apps don't have.

It'll show up in my YouTube notification Sunday afternoon.......I enjoy listening to it on Monday mornings.

Posted via the Android Central App with my OnePlus One.