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Strap in, folks. This week is gonna be fun. Perhaps most exciting is that Android Auto has been released — and we're taking it for a test drive! If you've got questions, we'll have some answers.

Plus, Peter Chou is out as HTC's CEO — we'll talk about what that means as we get ready for the release of the HTC One M9. And, yes, we'll talk a tad about the damned Snapdragon 810. Is it hype? Or overheating? 

Plus, more on the Galaxy S6, and we answer more of your questions live!

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Reader comments

Android Central 228: Hot Hot Heat!


After listening to Phil's rant about the "myth of the 810's problems", I'm happily sticking with my still flagship-level M8.

Another great podcast guys. Even though I know where I am going most of the time, I still use Navigation to keep track of the route. It helps me know how long it will take to get there and it also provides alternate routes in the event of construction or accidents. You will not get those traffic alerts and notifications if you are not driving some place where you drive to regularly, like home or work.

I use my phone to record, manipulate and share video. For sports, Analysis Software, etc. The phone has to re-encode video, etc. when sharing or uploading. The video is high framerate and high resolution in mose cases. If a phone throttles aggressively, it clearly has an impact on how efficiently the device does these things. We all know that using the camera on a phone uses quite a bit of power and can generate quite a bit of heat already... so in my use cases the problem can exacerbate itself quite quickly during use.

Additionally, The fact that a phone is plastic doesn't stop it from getting as hot as a metal phone. Metal is a better heat conductor (which can allow it to better dissipate heat across the device's entire surface), but it doesn't stop the device's internals form generating hear. The IR Footprint of the M9 was extremely disproportionate form any other phone in the images. Even if the Plastic Phones got as hot, they'd have had a much more prominent hot spot in the area where the heat was being generated compared to the M8 (which dissipates more efficiently), but they didn't. Look at the Note 4 in that image... There was hardly any heat compared to the M9...

Additionally, the M8 was also in those pictures, as was the iPhone 6 - both metal phones and they were clearly not as hot as the M9.

Personally I don't care cause I don't buy HTC Phones, anyways...

But I do think there is somewhat of an issue with that processor and how much heat it generates, which could lead OEMs to throttle more aggressively in scenarios where they would not have to do so with phones using other (even other QC) SoCs.

Which is the big issue people have with it. The stuff that needs to be done to keep heat under control with the SD810 is basically destroying much of its performance gain over earlier SoCs, if not putting it at a deficit in some cases.

I don't buy HTC because of the cameras being subpar, but I can totally understand why people are extremely skeptical of them using this CPU in their phone.

Then again, they didn't really have much of a choice. If they used i.e. a MediaTek SoC people would dismiss the phone as low end by default just due to the branding.

I think Android Blogs and Fan Sites are now fighting the same behaviors they encouraged earlier on. Before it was all about the benchmarks and now all of a sudden people need to seek help because well... it's HTC!

No, $700 is obnoxious for a car stereo. That's dealership ripoff range.

Oh and Phil got taken with that $400 of extras.