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Another week, another epic podcast — and special guest Russell Holly is back! The summer doldrums are officially over, as we go nearly 90 minutes on the new Amazon Fire Phone (it's not as bad as you might think), the new NVIDIA Shield Tablet, Motorola leaks and more! Plus we answer even more of your questions live on air. Join us!

Thing 1: The Amazon Fire Phone

Thing 2: NVIDIA Shield Tablet

Thing 3: Other odds and ends

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Android Central 195: Goodness, Gracious — Great Phones of Fire


Sorry, folks. Dunno why the video's corrupted. Hopefully Google gets that straightened out. Otherwise, at least the audio version is good.

Update: And we're good now!

I really hope you guys are wrong about AndroidTV and Cablecard :( There are no good PC solutions for Cablecard except for Windows Media Center, and microsoft has thrown that to the wayside.

I'm not sure how game stream is difficult or could not be worth the trouble. For many, it's the main purpose of this device. Those people are hardcore PC gamers interested in this to stream PC games to their TV and on the go. They likely already have a high end custom desktop PC with the latest Geforce Card and if they're worth their salt in in-game currency they already have a high end router. I fit this bill. My desktop is always on and I always have Steam running. For my use, running a PC game over Game Stream would be no more difficult than running a native Android game.