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Android Central 183: Jerry Don't Settle ...


The problem with getting a stand alone camera for those "once in a moment time" is that those moments just happen and no average person is going to be carrying a stand alone camera just in case. The main reason people want a good camera in a phone is because they don't want to carry a camera or have to think about carrying one around. No non photographer wakes up oh let's get my camera out just in case of a once in a moment happens. The whole point of having a decent camera on a phone is if it does happen, you always have your phone with you and never have to worry about or think about do I need a camera or not. There's a reason why camera sales are dropping, because people want to carry less devices. There are phones like the 5s that has almost instant shots and also burst shot that takes like 20 shots a second and 99% with burst shot you will get the image you want or even with something like htc zoe where it records before you press the shot and you can later pick out the image you want.

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

I was surprised to hear what sounded like a consensus tonight regarding the One Plus One - that the main appeal of the One+ over the Nexus 5 is its larger screen size. At least for me, the larger screen size is a negative, as I would much prefer a smaller device, but the positives of a significantly larger battery, larger internal memory size, potentially better camera and what I perceive as a better build quality, overcome my concern about its excessive size.

I am no longer pining for my next phone for the first time ever, thanks to my Moto X.

But I must say that I expect my next phone to take great pictures. Marketers and phone designers can say whatever they want, but I feel like I'm a normal customer. If they ignore that feedback, that's their choice, and my choice will be an iPhone.

And yes... I know Samsung makes great cameras. I'm not buying a phone with 16gb or touchwiz ever again.

I've owned a NS, a N4 and now a N5, and overall I feel the same way. I want a phone w/o all of the BS and other than a Moto-X, I can't see buying any other Android phone.

If Google gets rid of the Nexus program and Lenovo screws the pooch, I'll be jumping ship to an iPhone too. As much as I despise the whole Apple experience, you get an unmolested experience, and timely updates.

Oneplus one blows the nexus away. Screen is better, 64gb int storage major plus, the camera on the nexus just sucks, this is a great camera. I can keep going. Jerry has Nexus up his butt. The oneplus one is everything a Nexus should be but they don't make top of the line phones. Nexus made one great phone, The Nexus One. Everything since that phone has been a big let down.

Just wondering, have you ever used a OnePlus One? Right. Pretty sure you haven't.

I'd say other than the screen being larger, it's no "better" than the Nexus 5's. They're both great panels. The Nexus 5's camera has its weak points, but is still arguably one of the better ones available today especially when using HDR+. The OnePlus One is proving to have a good camera, but with my time with it I'm nowhere near saying it's "great" just yet. Both phones are priced similarly, have good build quality and solid software. For many, the OnePlus One's CyanogenMod software could be a real downside, as it's not just stock Android, it has its own quirks, bugs and learning curve just like any Samsung, Sony, LG or HTC phone.

All that being said, I see no place in which the OnePlus One "blows the Nexus away." Time will tell after I use it for longer, but this doesn't seem to be the Jesus phone everyone thinks it is.

Lingering (and horrible) sinus infection/irritation/TOOMUCHDAMNPOLLEN going on. Enough to keep me cranky, not enough to take a pile of pills and zone out in bed.

I hope you will be feeling better very soon. You looked and sounded really uncomfortable, and perhaps just a tad cranky during the podcast, It seemed to me that you were channeling John Dvorak on this one.

Lol not necessarily. So you're saying the G3 is going to be "mediocre shit"? Come on dude. I hope you do get well we don't have to see a grown man pouting all day.

I agree with Jerry... It is a nice phone, but its the same stuff different day

Don't get me wrong, its got great specs at a great price... But meh... Doesn't particularly make me want to smash my nexus 5
Posted via Android Central App

I have a samsung galaxy centura and some of my contacts are messed up how do you edit them

Posted via Android Central App

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The OnePlus One...

Sometimes its hard to be objective when you see sooo many phones come and go. I feel this phone will have lots of reviews but they will all be different based on whether the marketing campaign drove reviewers mad or had no effect on their perception of oneplus.

I only say this after listening to many podcasts reel off the specs, which without listing them basically are equal to or top any flagship phone currently available for almost a third of the price and ask .... ha ha ah...."Who would buy this phone?"... and yes a phone's worthiness is so much more than it specs on paper or in hand.

It's subjective isn't it Phil? Without a doubt Its all subjective.

The thing is I reckon if you don't mind the size and you like a close to stock android experience (the current, most accurate definition of the user experience on a Nexus 5) then you will be happy with the large battery capacity, better than M8 Camera performance, No Zoe's, No S health, No Moto Blur, No Selfie Mode and No blink feeds, blistering speed at a price that is cheaper that a Nexus 5.

I know Moto Blur is dead but i mention it because what they are championing now is what Cyanogen Mod was augmenting stock upon android while Moto was trying to push Moto Blur as the emperors new clothes like many manufacturers do. There isn't anything ground breaking as yet, Jerry is right but that doesn't mean there won't be in the future and at the very least the features they add are derived from actual user feedback rather than a highly paid out of touch feature obsessed clown.

I look forward to reviews of finished units from you guys, MKBHD and The Verge because win or fail this is a pretty amazing story that only could happen on the android platform... and this is there first phone!

This should've been the Andrew "You Know" Martonik episode! I was listening on my car on my way to work and by the 24' mark Andrew had said you know about 60 times!... He was doing about 2.7 you know's per minute! Love the podcast keep it up.

Does Alex ever shut up? All he did was try and over talk everyone. Both Andrew and Jerry had to stop because Alex decided that what he had to say was more important and he's smarter than everyone else. Phil asked Jerry a specific question and Alex had to jump in like the question was directed at him. If you have something to add, then add it, but dont railroad people and then take over.

Could you guys get the app to show up on the lock screen during playback? I listen in my car.

AC App via Nexus 5