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We survived the Great Google Outage of 2014 and the Great Florida Ice Storm of, erm, also 2014 and have made our triumphant return for the 169th edition of the Android Central Podcast! Good thing, too, because there was that little thing where Google sold Motorola off to Lenovo this week. Plus we chat up some of the more rumoriffic stories of the week, and answer a few your your questions. Join us!

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Android Central 169: Jerry's Little Lens Buddies


That was a good one. Nice recap and analysis of all the news this week and great that all four of you were able to do this one.

Very well done, surprised no one even thought that maybe Lenovo and Google have been in talks about this since Googles initial purchase, just a thought

Posted via my outdated Droid RAZR Maxx HD using the Android Central App

It's fun listening to Phil cry about Motorola's failures. Look at Motorola's horrible numbers. It was Phil and a very few others that actually bought into the Moto X/G gimmicks. I hope Phil can unknot his Motorola panties and continue on with his life.

Motorola was always a terrible pitiful JOKE on the android platform for over 5yrs before Google bought them.

Even with GOOGLE all Motorola could produce was optical illusion devices trying to make people think that specs didn't matter and everything was about group discounts and price breaks.

Now that it's over and Google doesn't have to loose over 400 million dollars a quarter people can return back to reality.

Motorola fanboys can now find another useless bandwagon to hop on and trust me it's definitely NOT Lenovo.

Together Motorola and Lenovo are equal they both suck monkey balls period.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

Lenovo actually carried on with the ThinkPad line quite well.

Business machines all the way, sure, but they always were.

Your an idiot if you didn't think the og droid line didn't bring android to the forefront of the smartphone industry.

Posted via Android Central App

Meanwhile, there's still a ton of people who refer to Android as a whole as "Droid", as in "hey, do you have a Droid phone?". Sure, it's now becoming "Galaxy", but to say the effect Motorola had on the market was limited to Verizon is simply stupid. Something you're very very good at. Period.

1. Given how you use the words "optical illusion", you seriously do not know what it means. Go get a f*cking dictionary.
2. At this point, contrary to your spec whore viewpoints, specs really don't matter. KitKat has been optimized for devices with low memory and maybe even lower processors. We have octa-core SoCs. 2 GB of RAM is pretty much standard on high end devices. The Moto X has proved, again contrary to your spec whore viewpoints, that specs don't matter. It effectively has only a dual core processor to run the OS, and it runs just as smoothly as your "pimp slapping" Note 3 with quadruple as many cores. If Samsung took just a little bit of time to actually optimize their devices to even half of what Motorola did with the Moto X, there'd be no need for the Note 3 to have 3 GB of RAM and that over-the-top octo-core processor. You're a moron if you actually think specs are the only thing that matters. You're no better than the idiots who run benchmark tests (especially on Samsung devices) and actually believe it transfers to better performance in real world usage. Get educated.
3. I find it hilarious that you're making such a big deal about Google losing "over 400 million dollars" (the actual number was $384 million, a far cry from "over 400", but whatever, I'll go with it). That's practically a drop in the bucket for Google, who paid 3.2 BILLION for Nest just a few weeks ago. Get over yourself.
4. I also find it hilarious that you talk about how "Motorola fanboys can now find another useless bandwagon to hop on", while you're possibly the most infamous "bandwagon jumping" lunatic out there. While you were with HTC/Sprint, you claimed how Verizon was "the devil" and that you'd never get any of "Samsuck's crappy ass plastic devices". Then you jumped to Verizon for the Gnex and claimed how both were "pimp slapping" all others. Then you jumped to T-Mobile and the Samsung Galaxy S/Note series, and you've been their b*tch ever since. You're a total joke.

Not "always." The OG DROID was very good for Android's exposure, and everyone I know who had one loved the Droid X. The successors and MOTO/Phil Blur were terrible, but they did start out well.

I loved my note 2, it broke... I bought my moto g for £99 quid in the UK whilst strapped for cash, it's a surprising little phone and has shaken up the low end android market. Google have done what they needed to.

Posted via Android Central App

Just listening to the pod now, think you guys have been a bit unfair to the people worried about Motorola's future - whether tight or wrong, there is and has been a very real feeling that some of the advantages that come with the X and G are a direct result of them being part of Google (eg timely updates)

Posted via Android Central App

Finally some sensible analysis of the Nexus rumours.

For the guy that wanted to sync files between a Mac and Android, he can try BitTorrent Sync, or AirStream.

Posted via Android Central App

A tricks stop at gingerbread? ? I really have a feeling it will go up a bit more. . What's your take on this. . I'm working on getting mine transfer ed all around still.. it's pretty easy. .

Posted via Android Central App

Isn't this just great? The DAY I BUY and go BACK TO AT&T for service and get a MOTO X, GOOGLE sells Motorola! Damn you!

No more updates. No more nexus like devices on at%t...etc.

Posted via Android Central App

Well... Other than the voice commands not activating the Google play music crap (works 1/3 of time) its THE BEST phone I've EVER USED! Google blew this by not advertising this device AND not showing customers what this device CAN DO!

Posted via Android Central App