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Phil, Jerry, Andrew and Alex talk up a week's worth of news, including the Nexus 7 controversy, CyanogenMod's rebirth as a real live corporation, more on the LG G2, and more of your e-mails. Join us!

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Android Central 151: Tethering the Drama Llama


I read my feeds in a place where it is rather noisy. Heading the audio of a video is essentially impossible.

I sure wish I could READ this article.

People still remember how to write, don't they? Or even make transcripts?

If your in a noisy place maybe headphones would be a good idea considering it's a podcast. Also, you can use the links above to go directly to each article if you want.

No Nexus 5 talk? :-P I did like they addressed the Blackberry woes, and Andrew's thoughts on the G2.

Posted via the awesomest of awesome Android Central App

Oh do I have a question. Did I hear the podcast correctly when it was stated that the Google play phones were good for software updates for about two years?

I am thinking of getting the Next Nexus phone and I thought the Nexus Google play phones would be updated until the hardware no longer supported the software of the new release.

So which is it? If I get the next Nexus phone from Google Play will the phone software be updated by Google as long as the hardware supports it, or will software updates stop after two years?

If the updates stop after two years, why am I getting a Google Nexus when this is the same schedule that seems to be followed by Verizon?