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We've got the gang back together for our first proper podcast in a few weeks, so that means it's time to take on all these newfangled "Nexus User Experience" devices.

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Reader comments

Android Central 137: Have you ever been experienced?


In the process of telling us you won't be BlackBerry shills, you kind of sounded like BlackBerry shills.

In other words, praising them for sponsoring TM13 and saying that makes them good guys who care about more than just themselves was a BAD idea if you want to preserve your journalistic integrity.

It's this simple: If I at all thought BlackBerry sponsoring this event was going to affect the editorial content of the event, I wouldn't have done it. Period.

I think folks have a pretty big misunderstanding about sponsorships and advertising. 

You probably should have gotten more than one sponsor to be more convincing. Or maybe a different kind of single sponsor if one is all you could get.

I know how sponsors and ads work. The thing is, when a brand sponsors the people who talk about them, I am ALWAYS skeptical of what they say about that brand.

I expect an athlete to tell me how great their shoes are, and a race car driver to tell me how awesome their brands are. But they become ambassadors for those brands in exchange for a lot of money. Everyone is expecting this.

You're not ambassadors for BlackBerry, so what's in it for them? If you truly think they gave you money out of the kindness of their hearts so you could bash them, I fear it's you who does not understand how sponsorships and advertising works.

They're doing it for PR and they've already got you saying how wonderful they are.

Having said all that, I never once expected this site to actually have journalistic integrity. It's a blog by fans for fans (note I didn't add "boy") who managed to get press passes.

So do what you want, get the sponsorships you want, but don't pretend to be objective and unbiased.

Don't get me wrong; I like this site a lot. If I didn't, I wouldn't have installed the app. I don't even have the Verge app installed. But let's not pretend the site is something it isn't. Let's acknowledge and enjoy it for what it is.

Having a conversation with yourself?

I did enjoy you saying the blackberry sponsorship destroys their journalistic integrity, and then you followed that up by saying this is a site by fans for fans and never had journalistic integrity to begin with. If that's the case then why did the blackberry sponsorship bother you at all?

Crackberry is already a shill for Blackberry. And why wouldn't they be? They have one company they report on and having a tight relationship with that company helps them. It is also what makes that site pretty awful to visit IMHO. The Z10 review didn't even have a pros and cons list, it was a pros and "ho hum" list.

I'm not sure why an Android site would start to shill for a company that doesn't even produce handsets with Android on them. I think people are up in arms over this for no reason. If you start to see the AC guys switching to BB then we can grab our pitch forks and torches (pun intended).

i really don't even bother with the podcasts anymore. i also don't like the idea of this talk mobile idea either. really no reason for android central to team up with blackberry, iphone and windows phone. we need to keep it separate.

I think TM13 is a great idea especially having a sponsor like that. All platforms are good in their own way. I'm not going to go out of my way to listen to the other guys podcasts nor do I have time. So this is a great way to hear all of it in one. I'm not a biased person in the slightest and thus makes an event like this perfect for someone like me.

Oh and I can't wait to get stock android on my device so I don't have to root to get stock. That is all.