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Can you tell there's a holiday coming up? Google's cranking out update after update after update -- and it's got some big ones this week. Plus we recap where things stand with the Nexus 4 (hint: Better for a lot of people). Also, SwiftKey Flow is out in beta, Windows Phone tried to make a funny (and failed) -- and we've got Ashley Esqueda here to help us sort it all out.

(Note: We lost some of the video this week, but you can hear the whole show with the audio player or links below.)

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Android Central 118: Google's been busy


Yes - Phil got buried in the mix for some reason. He never faded away, it just sounded as if the microphone was partly covered and very occasionally the level lifted just for a second. I would look for a limiter switch that has been accidentally been flicked. Ashley and Jerry were almost on the same level, but Ashley had more dynamic range.

PS Great to have Ashley on the show guys, you should do that more often. Her idea about a "public" day at Google IO was great, but please don't throw your Nexus4 at me.

Afternoon from the UK. Love your podcast listen to it every week. You need to do something about the volumes Phil is really soft and the new lady is way too loud some form of normalisation definitely needed. Other than that where did Alex go?

Keep it up chaps brilliant podcasts and excellent site


Hey Phil, what is the name of that song playing at the end of the podcast? It was superduper FIRE!

Phil is always too quiet. He's fine in solo videos, but on the podcast, he's always the quietest despite having the biggest microphone. People using their built-in laptop mics are loud and clear, but Phil is overly compressed-sounding and quiet. It's always like that, so I guess he thinks it's OK.

Did a little digging and found some info on the Google stalker card:


It's not accurate by any real means from what have seen, but it a a fun easter egg.

One thing I noticed is that "swiftkey 3" is not needed to "swiftkey flow" work. It is an independent keyboard, you can remove the old one from play store.

Doesn't look like a beta for me. The "flow" feature is working really well.

The question about the hardware buttons just kills me. IMO the way SGS3 or Samsung does it is perfect. Jerry thinks the buttons should be removed from the hardware and be put on the screen, that is just dumb as hell IMO. That just takes away from the screen, leave them where they don't get in the way of the great screen views, Just because the Nexus phones have it that way that does not make it the best way. Sorry Jerry you are just wrong. I am a big Nexus fan but I don't look threw blinders, Samsung is just doing it the right way. The SGS3 is the best phone made this year and maybe next as well. How the hell can you give the Nexus the nod for the best device when it only gives the user just 11gb of usable storage. That is a kids toy IMO. Samsung is the only manufacturer that is listening to it's customers, give them credit where credit is due. Sorry Jerry you are just wrong and I am not the only one who thinks this way. I have to agree with Ashley 100% on the need for storage. The Nexus just blew it. They are selling phones because of the price, if they had bumped their storage to 32 and 64gb they could have raised the price to make up for the added cost and still owned the market.

The best phone is the best OVERALL phone on the market.

I think the nexus takes the cake, it has a wonderful blend of features coupled with a no contract low price.

I personally LOVE my GS3, but i hate the network (Sprint your dirty bastards) and Lacking LTE really isn't a big deal for a majority of the market. Google's choice of storage reflects their cloud-centric approach to services and content delivery.

Enjoyed the show guys, but wasn't too keen on the guest. She seemed to talk over Phil and Jerry a lot and brought up lots of irrelevant things (like her cat). She didn't follow the typical etiquette of a guest either; like asking to plug her own show, for example.

I might be the only one bothered by it, but I wish you'd think twice before having her on the show again.

Hahaha, nah. Like I said, I'm not for everyone. Kind of like pistachio ice cream!

But make sure you think twice before having me on your podcast again!

I wish you had known what you were talking about before posting. :-\
Also, who the hell enjoys when guests ask to plug their own shows? Are you telling me you are upset because she didn't do that? Phil does mention where she is from in the beginning I believe, or, if not, Ashley herself at least mentions TechFoolery at one point, one of the shows she's involved with. She's actually involved in several, including here on AC, which you apparently were not aware of, calling her a guest.
Most people who watch the AC podcast regularly or even visit the AC homepage regularly know who Ashley is. It's unfortunate that you didn't enjoy her, but I sure as hell don't understand why you'd want her to plug her show and "follow guest etiquette" then! Wouldn't you want to avoid her and her 17 year-old cat with dementia screaming in the background? :-P

Ashley followed "Ashley etiquette" to a T. Hope you enjoy the next podcast though. :-D

Hi Jonneh,

I will respond to each of your points separately.

"Also, who the hell enjoys when guests ask to plug their own shows? Are you telling me you are upset because she didn't do that?"

That was exactly what she did do at the end of the show, which I found to be in very poor taste.

"...which you apparently were not aware of, calling her a guest."

She's not a regular host, therefore she is a guest host. Not sure why that term is so offensive to you.

"Most people who watch the AC podcast regularly or even visit the AC homepage regularly know who Ashley is."

I listen to the AC podcast every week and have for a couple of years. I also subscribe to entire site feed so I am quite familiar with the AC/Mobile Nations world.

If you look at the comments on Episode 50 of AC podcast (on which Ashley was also on) you'll see that I was only one among several who expressed the opinion that we didn't really enjoy her appearance on the show.

If the comments section is not a place to respectfully submit feedback and opinions, then what is it for? I don't expect everyone to agree with me, but I'm not sure why you felt it necessary to say that I don't know what I am talking about.


Ashley's dementia cat moment at the 20 minute mark was the single GREATEST moment in AC podcast history! I could not stop laughing! :-D More please!

First AC podcast that I could not listen to past the 10 minute mark. Does Ashley really believe that she "works in mobile"? Moving on to the next episode.