PlayStation emulator PSX4Droid pulled from the Android Market

Back when PSX4Droid was initially announced a lot of users were pleased to of have had a PlayStation emulator arrive on the scene. Here we are now, many months later and we're getting a Sony Ericsson built device with PlayStation gaming capabilities built right. I'm guessing at the time no one thought that would happen but indeed, it has.

Now, with Sony Ericsson Xperia Play arriving on the scene it appears as though some emulators are being removed from the Android Market with Google citing "Content Policy violation" as the reasoning and some folks wondering if Sony is really behind their removal. Google however, only offered a short statement on the matter:

"We remove apps from Android Market that violate our policies."

We're not ready to blame Sony for this, however, Zodttd, the developer behind PSX4Droid, has quickly asserted he is under that impression while others blame improper GPL License use as the reason. Be it suspicious timing, GPL license issues or just plain bad luck -- other emulators of the same nature still remain in the Android Market namely, FPSe. That begs the question what the deal was with PSX4Droid? [Twitter; via PocketGamer, Engadget, Mobiputing and JoyStiq]


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PlayStation emulator PSX4Droid pulled from the Android Market


damn it i knew i should of downloaded this. When i saw the Expria Play was going to play PS1 games i knew it was only going to be a matter of time.

Yongzh has been pulling a handful of his apps lately, I read the N64 one will be back in a couple months- that's the one I was about to get at one point.

3 words

It has to be sony. Since the PS3 was hacked they are on a warpath. Going after IP addresses that visit Geohots site and other such things. 95% sure Sony is to blame for this.

It actually worked really well. There was just a couple things to setup that weren't explained well and deterred alot of people. I think I still have the apk somewhere but if Sony drops this PlayStation suite soon I wouldn't mind paying for some optimized ps1 games out of the box. 2-3 dollars tops though.

Along with ROM Gripper. I have the app and the apk, but it seems that even trying to use it to download Gameboy games is a no go.
Anybody with any emulators or ROM Gripper, TITANIUM, TITANIUM, TITANIUM.

I got in contact with the developer, and that he said he is sick of the complaints so he pulled it from the market to perfect it. But not to worry because you do not have to pay again once its re-released. I need a rom app :(.

I never got a shot with the playstation emulator, although I wish I would have tried it! Now its gonna be hard finding a good ROM source, RIP game gripper!

Ps. I can't wait to see the n64oid :-)

If it's pulled from the Market, is it deleted from devices? Could you still side load it and it would be fine? (I'm new at this)

I think your fine as long as you don't try to update them knowing that they've been removed. If you delete them from your phone your S.O.L.

this is y i don't buy psp games, i download them. all we wanted was to play games that we already have or old games. that's all! but is sony wants to bitch & control devices we already own....we then i'm taking it all. this means war & now it's extended to my android fone.

LOL.. funny how people think that its ok to STEAL games. Cause basically its what you are doing..and you get pissed when the owner of the product tries to prevent it.

You are a thief.

These companies are no better then the people that steal from them.

You think MS or Sony got to where they are today without stealing from competitors, whether it be IP or ideas from others. Why do you think their is so many lawsuits between these companies? Because they are giant thieves. They steal from eachother, use others ideas and claim as their own.

I know, I know, you are gonna say "Two wrongs don't make a right" but don't be a damn hypocrite about what you preach to your customers when you do the same thing on a larger scale.


"all we wanted was to play games that we already have or old games."

Funny how companies, and people like you, think it's ok to take away features from a system you already bought and own.

Ever wonder if companies would continue to offer the services their customers wanted, and quit taking away features that customers paid for, that maybe there wouldn't be as many people pirating games and jail-breaking their systems?

You are a moron.

Actually, a lot of us use emualators so we don't wear out our vintage gaming hardware or cartridges. And guess what, a lot of gaming companies say using roms is legal, provided you own the original game. (NES and Sega both do). So...try again troll.

Gotta love the sense of entitlement that kids have these days.
What Sony has been doing is definitely out of control and absolutely unnecessary, but throwing a tantrum like a child and declaring "war" is absolutely retarded.
And people need to quit pretending like their reason for pirating is so noble. It's not. The bottom line is that you want to play this game without paying anything for it. Whatever your reasoning behind it.
I'm not gonna pretend like I haven't pirated a game, but I don't go around acting like it makes me a better person.

Piracy doesn't even really hurt companies. If people can't pirate, they rent or borrow. Therefore the company still doesn't get their money. If these companies would take more time developing their software and make the games worth paying $50-60 for too. You know how much garbage there is on XBOX 360 and PS3? I would say that 70% of the games are horrible. Either kiddy games, or the same sports game over and over every year with barely any changes, the games just suck to play, the graphics suck, the gameplay just blows, bad controls, etc. Its like they make all these games based on movies and they all suck 90% of the time. It probably is just because they know a larger fanbase of the movie games will be kids, but sometimes the marvel games or superhero games are fun to play. Some games out there suck so bad, you play 5 minutes and say damn what a shitty game, imagine if you paid $60 for a piece of shit and you can't return it for something because you dont like it unless its used and bought from gamestop or something.

These companies make piracy seem like a big deal but it the end it really doesn't hurt them. Some people still buy games and they might pirate, but you do have people who will pirate anything. I guess it can hurt some of the Devs of the games, but if they actually had better quality control of their games and didn't push out complete and udder trash, then they could sell their games like a Halo or GTA series sells.

Has anyone else noticed the huge changes in the yongzh emulators? He updated them to remove the ROM gripper functionality but didn't bother to note that in the description. Sad panda. :(

Doesn't bother me any. FPse blew that emulator away when it came out. Did psx4droid ever get any updates after FPse came out? The only thing I liked about psx4droid was the fact it had a free lite version so people could see if it even worked for them without having to buy it first.

FPse is just a lot better IMHO. Runs on more devices and supports more games.