HTC's recently taken the wraps off a new color variant for the HTC One — anodized "glamor red" — and we've had the chance to get our hands on the new, eye-catching version of HTC's latest. The red version, which is exclusive to Phones4u in the UK, is most reminiscent of the black variant, being twinned with a dark grey accents around its sides and back. The Beats Audio branding, red and white on other HTC Ones, is a lighter shade of gray on the "glamor red." The anodized finish also gives the device a smoother feel than the more common silver version.

Besides these superficial changes, we're dealing with the same phone we're already more than familiar with — quad-core Snapdragon 600 CPU, 1080p SuperLCD display, "Ultrapixel" camera — you get the idea.

Check out our gallery after the break for a closer look at this new flavor of HTC One.


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In pictures: The 'glamor red' HTC One


It is only exclusive to Phones4u in the UK, doesn't mean VZ or any other cell provider in the US can not come out with it.

Another reason why I do not like when manufacturers do this.

I can go along with different carriers getting exclusive colors, but make them available at the launch of the device.

Why is it news when a company presses a phone's case in a different color??? It's the EXACT same phone, for christ's sake!!

Right, and the case has nothing to do with android. Android is the firmware running on the why does changing the color on the outside make the release news-worthy??

lighthyear is pissed because he got stuck with the silver one.. and as you can tell, he REALLY wishes he had waited for this Red One.. :-)

No one bitched when Apple released the exact same iPad with a different charging port.

If the article doesn't interest you then simply skip it and go on to the next one.

Its not the same ipad though. The iPad 4 has an A6X proccecor the old 3 had an A5X so no it wasnt the same.

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Its not the same at all. Much faster gpu and cpu, better camera. Better wi-fi and LTE. Typical Android fanboy comment about Apple devices they know nothing about.

Because people care about this stuff. Lots of people are willing to wait a while to get a phone when it comes out in a color they prefer. Hell, people waited *months* for the white iPhone 4 to be released.

I just wish that manufacturers would release them in all colors at once so that this doesn't *have* to be news.

It's definitely attractive but unfortunately too loud for my work environs. Yeah, I got the black one.

A little too flashy for me, but undeniably pretty. Personally, the black is the sexiest one available. The white plastic/resin they used to seal the aluminum/silver phone makes it look cheap. I'd take the aluminum all day long, if it weren't for that plastic. I wonder what it would have looked like with the grey instead.

Such a Nintendo move they do this stuff with the ds all the time should have blue too and make them from the start I waited for the black one very happy with it

Why not make this available from launch in all territories?! It's pure filthy-gadget-sex that makes me feel ashamed of my Stealth Black One.

i actually think this is ugly. however i do like that the WHOLE phone is red, as opposed to how a lot of manufacturers were just doing the back plates a color

That is a beautiful phone... on par with the gold plated One too

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I like it! But not enought to trade in my silver one for it.

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Yeah I agree that it's kinda dumb for manufacturers to release a new color several months after the device has been out. Release all the options at launch so that the ppl can get the color they want from the jump. That, however, makes too much sense so it never happens.

Capacitive buttons are so last year. Even Samsung is starting to ditch the buttons - reason why Nexus devices get my vote everytime. Now if they will just make another for the Sprint network that would be great.