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Gaming start-up OUYA today announced via its blog that it's planning on getting developer consoles to those who backed it at the developer level on Kickstarter by the end of the year. Dec. 28, in fact, is when OUYA says they'll leave the factory and still have that new-console smell. And apparently these early versions have something special in them -- "you'll know what I mean when you open yours," OUYA's JulesKane wrote. "They're rare drops."

In other news, account activation should happen by Christmas, OUYA says, and the team is still hard at work on the software side. Find the full post at the link below.

Source: OUYA

There are 10 comments

Ziptied says:

Glad I got in on that on the developer level.... can't wait!

etnpnys says:

I really, REALLY like this concept. But with little kids I just don't see me using it as much as I do my Nexus 7 for gaming... I am more than interested in this thing but I will have to wait it out to see the public's reaction to it.

FWIW, I would probably be getting this if I was on the market for a "console" right now.

hmmm says:

I hope it takes off. I couldn't justify the cost up front but if it takes off and gets good support I would look into it. I wouldn't mind buying one of those controllers to use with my tablet though. Looks pretty comfy.

Grahaman27 says:

still excited!

anezarati says:

only thing i am worried about is the 8GB of internal storage. Thats only like 2-3 full HD games after the OS is installed.

dougE2483 says:

^Maybe it will support SD Cards if so that won't be a problem, or even a Thumb drive.

icu says:

Just use the cloud, maaaan! (j/k)

Interested to see this - most interesting to me is the controller and whether developers are going to support it and if so will we be able to buy the controller separately to work through our phone/tablet to get similar functionality.

Still waiting for SOMEONE to get Google TV right. Maybe this will have enough additional benefits as to make it more desirable and get in more homes and get Google motivated to make Google TV a thing people would want.

i1der says:

disappointing at most! I thought this would come out in 2012... 2013 is too late, once they work things out with miracast, this would became useless. Sorry... I love my Nexus 7 3G, only thing missing for me is miracast, maybe next version?

chubb says:

Should have got in earlier. Even so I just pre ordered mine!

LaTiNo156 says:

It can run XBMC so you can use it as a premium home theather. The games are a nice plus. With Miracast you just can't stream your 1080p movies from your NAS to any of your tv's.