By now, the HTC One X isn't exactly a secret any more. The device has leaked plenty of times already ahead of any official announcement but we can add another leak to that mix. It seems Orange UK got a little excited and already posted the device along with the specs to their site. Guess there is no doubt about them picking the device up now is there?

Source: Orange UK; via: Cool Smartphone, Thanks, Luke!

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ba_hamilton says:

I'm a big HTC fan. I like this phone.

slayerpsp says:

Ill second that nice looking phone and yes I like sense never had a problem with it makes the home screen look nice so haters stay away I like HTC you dont have to

migleonce says:

Great phone...wud love to lay my hands on it

StuRoid says:

Froyo looking phone

EvanJ18 says:

I want to love HTC again. I loved my Dinc, but since then i haven't been very excited for anything they have put out. I'm gonna check this out but not get my hopes up too much.

Cobra#AC says:

The One X and the One S were up on the site, but looks like they've taken them down now

Taysider says:

Orange just pulled the ad, hmmm

I like this phone but I'm on sprint and I don't know if they're getting it.

kinster02 says:

I like and would like to see the new software in action, I'm also curious if the captive buttons will rotate like some previous htc phones. Now just give me your version of the Galaxy Note.

moises1204 says:

I am done with htc and their locked bootloader, the is nice though.

ChromeJob says:

Locked bootloader? Thought they ended that in first half of 2011....