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The production schedule of the OnePlus One has been shuffled around to accommodate apparently booming demand. 16GB white models are being pushed back in favor of 64GB black Ones. They're still expected to ship out late May to early June.

For those unfamiliar, the OnePlus One is packing a quad-core 2.5-GHz processor, 3GB of DDR3 RAM, a 5.5-inch 1920 x 1080 display, has a 13 megapixel Exmor camera, and runs Android 4.4 with CyanogenMod 11. We've got some hands-on impressions of the OnePlus One for anyone interested in finding out if it's worth $299 for 16GB or $349 for 64GB.

Though the delay in the white 16GB model is a bummer for anyone looking to get in on the entry level, if the demand is at the upper end and this is what they gotta do to fulfill orders in a timely way, so be it. How many of you guys are getting a OnePlus One?

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OnePlus shuffles production schedule, brings 64GB version forward in favor of 16GB


I'm undecided and don't have an invite yet, but if I do order one it would be the 64 GB version
Honestly for $50 it's dumb not to upgrade from 16gb to 64gb.
At that priice I'm not surprised most of the demand is for the 64gb version.

32GB is really the sweet spot for me, 16gb isn't enough at all.
But I'll gladly take more internal storage, 64gb is great.

Honestly I really want one as I always have two smartphones one work and one personal
But I told my finance, I was only going to buy one phone a year to save money lol.
Nexus 5 as my main phone and One+ for "work" yea that's what it is lol would be sweet.

You wouldn't believe the number of people who say 16gb is more than enough space for them... because Cloud Storage

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Yep. I'm one of those people. I still have nearly 9 gigs of unused space on my N5, which has been my daily driver for several months now. For $50 more I'll probably just opt for the extra storage if I end up buying a oneplus, but it won't be an upgrade driven out of any perception of necessity.

Nexus 5

I have an 8 GB nexus 4. I have 1.8 GBs free. I'd pay the extra for 64 if it's all that's available but I can't imagine using it.

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Some years ago I had an HTC HD7 with 16Gb and I always had like 5Gbs free. Noe I have a HTC M7 and I'm using 38Gb out of the 64Gb. I paid $50 more for the 64 version, I think it's really useful at that price!

Oh then i would have opt for the 64 gb. But I will not because the screen is too huge for me ===> next

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I have no reason for 64GB. I don't listen to music which, maybe along with games, is really the only reason people need more space. I have about 6 games installed and still have 10GB free on my N5 so the 64GB would be a waste of money if memory was the only difference. Having said that, I would pay the extra $50 to have the black version over the white version.

Lol, really at all. I have nothing against music, but other than the occasional radio in my car I don't really listen to it. I haven't bought a song or CD or anything since I was maybe 14 or 15 years old (I am 32 now) Maybe I got knocked in the head as a child or something, lol. Music doesn't do anything for me.

Er, also, "in favor of 16GB" doesn't seem right...maybe "pushes 16GB back in favor of 64GB"?

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Yes exactly this. It may have been on purpose - I only clicked into the story to make sense of the headline lol. It is not a valid use of English at all.

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Seriously? You people only came here to make sense of the headline and point out the errors.
I came here to learn something new about the phone. That I did.
I also learnt how some users of the internet are either stupid or childish.
I am not sure what compells you to;
* See a headline that has an error in it and leave a comment about that.
* Point out that an error in the headline made it so confusing that you were not smart enough to work it out.
* Want to be an expert in how headlines should be written, demand it be correct grammar and use of the English language in a post by you written in a format that rapes that very language.

It is the equivalent of you seeing a badly parked car that has been inadvertently positioned to cover more than one space. You pull over in your car, hitting another car in the process. Jump out leaving your car blocking two lanes. Jump up and down pointing at the badly parked car and scream "I don't understand what that driver was trying to achieve by leaving his car stationary like that and he is doing the driving thing badly. I was sitting at home watching a live broadcast and noticed this car in the background, so I had to drive over here to try and make sense of a car positioned badly in a parking spot. It's clearly not moving, and clearly not parked or it would be within the painted lines. Someone fix this my eyes are bleeding."

Well, seeing how Google just butchered Android with their stupid changes to KitKat that render microSD cards useless, I think 16GB versions of Android phones should just disappear. 32GB should become now the minimum until Google stops being stupid.
They do well in moving forward with the 64GB version first instead of the 16GB.

I don't intend to buy a One+ phone mainly because of the size, but if I were to do it, I would obviously go for the 64GB version.

I think it was a tad annoying that Google changed how SD cards with KitKat but I can definitely see why they did it.

There is still a place for SD cards though, storing media is the main reason for me and it works great on my Xperia Z2 Tablet. So to say they are redundant is a little harsh.

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Well, I can't. Any attempt to drive people to the cloud fails the moment when the only thing they did was preventing the installation of apps on the microSD. And the security thing...yeah, I call bullcrap on that. They could perfectly well implement the change so that apps could be installed to the microSD but not allowed to access folders outside its own.

The vast majority of phones sold are the 16Gb version. There is a reason that phones don't have higher storage options available. People don't buy them.
Google isn't being stupid. SD cards were a mess before Kit Kat. They still work now and are more secure. The reason they prefer manufacturers don't use them is because Microsoft gets a cut as they own the Fat file system.

Maybe the reason people don't buy more than 16GB is because they charge a lot more for anything over that.

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

The reason why they come in 16GB is because most of them until now had microSD cards that could be used to effectively expand the memory of the phone. That way, they could cut a couple of bucks to the price of the phone, price which the people later would spend in a microSD card if they wanted.

But after 4.4, Google rendered all that pointless. So now you have 16GB with non-expandable memory. Because the microSD cards became as useful as the could...except you can get a ton of cloud services for free.

Google's excuses are bullcrap. And the cut that Microsoft gets from Google devices is probably at an end as Microsoft also got the Nokia X platform for Android. So either they reverse gears or 16GB phones are something that must be killed with fire as quickly as possible and replaced with 32GB minimum.

Yeah I'm waiting for Andrew's full review first. But the 64 GB version is the one I would get. I need to find a way to sell my G2, but I still owe about $250 on it.

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They should have seen this coming. The 64GB version is the way to go. I wish i could get my hands on one. It seems like the perfect phone for me.

Looks like the invite system and smash your phone campaign worked to get a bunch of people on board lol

Gotta sign up on their website (also helps to follow them on Twitter and Facebook). Apparently they send an email if you're in.

No it doesn't make any sense. Surely just a mistake but should have been fixed by now..

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Still hesitating between the OnePlus and the LG G3... Will wait for them to be out and check reviews. But if I go for the OnePlus, I'll definitely pick the 64GB one.

They'll have the same specs but the OnePlus will be half the price and a way cleaner experience. It's a no brainer...

What could the G3 possibly surprise us with that makes it warrant a $700 price tag?

I can't lie, I'm interested in a high-end, unlocked device for under $400.00 but I'm waiting for the official review and to see if they keep their promise to upgrade to 4.4 in a timely manner.

I was skeptic about the size at first and debated over that or the nexus 5 now that I'm finally out of my sprint contract (still rocking a gnex) However after hearing a few podcasts with hands on the device I am sold and hope I can score an invite when they become available. Seeing as I always end up with cyanogen on my phones anyway, I feel it is a step up from the nexus 5

Can't believe 16gb phones still exist. 32 should be the minimum. The cost of putting 32 in rather than 16 on a base model would cost a manufacturer buying wholesale what, a few bucks? "The perfect phone" as they call themselves, should know 16gb isn't perfect.

I'll be getting the 64 and retiring my Nexus 5. I hate that I'm now on a 6 month upgrade schedule. Excited for Project Ara next year which should fix that issue...

I'd buy one right now if I had an invite, cm 11 is great and the specs on this are superb

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I just switched to galaxy s4 from iPhone 5. The s4 was only $180 on contract so probably put it on eBay for $400 and get the 64gb one plus one.

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I'm all for the 64 gig I'm a definite buyerhack for the specs it's worth the price and it'll even be to piss out of my HTC One m7 so I'm all for it

Now that I'm on a gsm carrier, I would like to pick one up and swap Sims around to give it a test run.

when i am right the iphone 3gs was 16GB and that was 6 years ago and these companies still making a lot of money because 16GB is very cheap memory. when i see all the processors now and than i thought we would be already at 64 GB as the lowest and 128GB and so on. i also think that a micro SD slot is the same money than 64GB of memory. just for the price comparison.
all these companies is screwing around with us. just give us enough to buy it. now i hope one plus can deliver in time to pushes the prices down.

I would have bought the 64Gb version if the device wasn't so large.
A 4.3" opo mini with near identical internal specs would be nice.