OK, maybe not quite as good as this guy's English. (Or Guy English?) But still. This Robert Downey Jr. guy's got promise.


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Old English means this guy is serious about the HTC One M8


Is it really all that difficult to make an ad that shows off the phone and it's features? These commercials show the phone for maybe a second, and not even up close. It's getting a little ridiculous.

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And that is why they lose money. They wasted it on him, no one really cares about mwc except our crowd, and it really doesn't sell the phone at all.

All the other oems show of what you can do with your phone.

Oh and if you have to tell them it is cool, it isn't

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

I think it is getting better, I mean he at least mentioned the phone this time.

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Well, at least it's better than having him hold a cat, but just barely.

HTC really needs to fire their ad agency.

Surprisingly, I don't think HTC is trying to mass market the HTC One. They're behaving like they cater to a niche market, which is almost true, I guess. "At HTC, they don't make phones for everybody. Just those who demand more." Gary Oldman's words from their other ad. Maybe HTC knows they can't realistically compete against Samsung, so they're attempting to appeal to those who already have HTC phones?? I don't know.

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Then what will they call next year's phone? The newer all new m8? Its easier to differentiate now by calling last year's model the m7 and this year's model the m8.

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Huh according to everyone else the Gary Oldman ads have are great. And they have been very well received and testing very positively.

I love Rob's work as an actor but I'm not enticed by his performance in this video to consider an M8 at all.

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These commercials are not directed at the thousands on these websites they are aimed at the millions who watch his movies

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Guarantee a slew of Sherlock Holmes fans get this new HTC phone based on that one ad.

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just get an iphone if you want a real phone.

can't afford an iphone? good, there's cheap crap called android, and u deserve that trash if u are poor.
iphone for real men, poor people can go away.

Hah :-)
Now that is hilarious, you almost had me believing that you think the iPhone is a genuine contender in the current smartphone market and not an undersized, underpowered and overpriced handset, very funny.
Thank you ;-)

iPads fine, iPhone don't be daft...

if it weren't for iphones, buttonless smartphones wouldn't even exist.
why muck about with poor imitations when you can have the real thing.
i support originality and innovation. Apple wins at this time and time again.
iphone underpowered you say?? how is your 64bit android phone, oh wait, they don't exist!
and the defence rests!
sorry you lost the argument, but thanks for playing

I don't want to get into an argument with you as they're just phones for christ'sake but you do need to get some of your facts straight.

Apple did not make the first 'buttonless' smartphone there were others before it, the iPhone just did it much better and with a compelling marketing strategy.
They didn't make the first tablet or mp3 player either, Apple have actually innovated very little and those innovations they have brought to the table have quite often been from buying a company that did.

I'm not anti Apple by the way, they make some well built pieces of tech and have broadened the market place considerably but there are other companies that do it better these days, you just need to accept that my friend ;-)

your comment that apple didn't invent the tablet is laughable.
if i went into Best Buy before the ipad, guess how many tablets were on the shelves? None!
post ipad, how many tablets on the shelves? Loads.
thanks for playing, of course you lost, but thanks for playing all the same.
also noticed how you ignored the fact that apple has 64bit os, quess what, soon android will copy and be 64bit.
What apple does, the google oems shamelessly follow.
you read it here first, android will soon be 64 bit, shamelessly copying apple

You really don't know what you're talking about do you?

The tablet concept has been around for a lot longer than the iPad and there were several windows based touch screen tablets commercially available and in the shelves for several years before Apple produced there's, again Apple did it far better than the competition but by no means did they invent it.
As for Android phones copying Apple, I think if you actually check the facts you'll find that for the last few years it's been Apple who have been lagging behind and playing catch up in many technical and software innovations rather than the other way around, presumably because people like you will just blindly buy Apple products without even researching the competition.

These are all provable facts that you can find with just a small amount of research, whether you'll do that or even care about the actual truth of the matter is another thing.

Samxool is a troll. Don't waste your breath. He has a little man complex (in more ways than one if you know what I mean) and he flaunts it here on AC.

Lol yeah, I got that to be honest ;-)

Always good to try and educate the little man every now and then though, ya never know using facts and reasoning might actually get through once in a while.

I'm an Aeronautical Engineer who writes software for a living, I have no formal background in "the Arts" and even I know that what he's speaking isn't Old English, it's at best Early Modern (i.e. Shakespearean) which is around 1000 years younger than Old English.

Wikipedia Article for those that are interested: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_English

Lame. Absolutely lame. HTC needs to fire their Marketing/Advertising exec(s) and their Advertising agency. I don't care what Gary Oldman and now Robert Downey Jr. have to say about anything - advertise the phone's capabilities and design.

God. I can't wait to see the next iteration of the Downey/Law Holmes.

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On a completly unrelated note this reminds me of that line from the Avengers"Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?
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It's going to be a lot of slow singing and flower bringing if HTC keeps releasing these kind of commercials.

Is that way all their adverts this year have had a very positive reception? The Gary Oldman adverts have tested extremely popular.