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We've known that a version of VLC has been in active development for some time -- read a long time -- now. There are plenty of unofficial alpha builds out and about, but until now word on the official version is that it is "in development." A post today on the developers Twitter account however, might suggest that said development time is almost over. 

Posting in the small hours on the official VideoLAN twitter account, it simply reads "Android, here we come!" Nothing more, but it would suggest that an official build of the hugely popular, play anything, media player might finally be not be too far away. 

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Shadowriver says:

Look like there will be something with par with MX Player

eye9 says:

There is something on par with MX Player (if not better), it's DICE Player. Works amazing.

icebike says:

If VLC can get get one client to play AND stream everything like they can on Linux and Windows it will be a real plus for Android, both on handsets and tablets.

Somehow, I suspect patent holders are going to step up the fight if this goes mainstream, and force VLC off the Android market over codec issues.

but you could always side load. I'm sure VLC will have the .apk on their site for everyone to DL.

McSqueeb says:

I think this is one of my most anticipated apps since being an Android user. I just hope they support Froyo.

aaltaf22 says:

If you're still on Froyo, may be its time to upgrade...

briankurtz79 says:

huh?! who is reading ac blogs still rockin froyo?!

Suntan says:

VLC was great back in the day when playing video on a PC was a constant codec nightmare. However, it doesn't seem nearly as relevant the last couple years when everything can play videos in popular formats already, usually with hardware playback support.



OmahaPlaya says:

Probably so but even most people who use Windows Media Player are going to need something still for those codecs it still to this day won't support.

ilaifire says:

Region Codes. Most video players enforce region codes making you go into your DVD settings and changing the region code (which you can only do a limited number of times). VLC completely ignores all the region code BS and will play any disc.

GaGator says:

So, will this ap play locally-stored movies in .mkv and H264?

sabret00the says:

Pretty awesome news. Always preferred MPC over VLC though, pity that's not once spoken of an Android version.

greenie25 says:

Hmm problems on for videolan...
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