HTC China OS

BlinkFeed with a twist

Late last month The Wall Street Journal reported that HTC was hard at work on a "new" mobile operating system for the Chinese market, as part of an effort to expand its presence in the country. And now we have the first photo of what might be HTC's new China-centric smartphone software.

The image above appeared on Chinese social network Weibo, and appears to show an HTC Butterfly or Butterfly S running a BlinkFeed-like home screen setup with a few changes. To elaborate, there are new "widgets" for email and music, and many of the icons appear to have been redesigned to fit with the lighter color scheme. The background of the panels is also a light grey, compared to Sense 5's darker tones. It's this, together with the image's source, which leads us to believe that we're dealing with a new, localized UI rather than the next version of Sense.

We can't discern too much from one leaked image, though its appearance suggests it's probably running some form of Android under the hood — even if Google's own apps are absent, as they are from many Chinese Android phones. Time will tell whether the UI above becomes the new face of HTC devices in China.

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New HTC UI pictured, could be rumored China-centric OS


The tiles.

Although they don't really look like WP tiles, people tend to associate tiles with Windows Phone.

As an ex wp user it was my first thought when I saw the screen. Very reminiscent of wp

Asus Fonepad and Android Central App

This is what Windows Phone SHOULD have looked like (way more functionality for the "Live Tiles").

If HTC wants to keep being part of the Open Handset Alliance, and be able to ship Android phones with Google's services, this can't be a forked version of Android. Either it is a custom skin with Google's services present, but tucked away, or it is running something different under the hood. See what happened when Acer wanted to ship phones running Aliyun.

really hope this will STAY localized to china. Do they really like this over there cause IMO its pretty horrible. If this was the new face of HTC everywhere, i would have to change phones

I doubt it is android based, given that moving away from android was one of the things that inspired the work on the OS in the first place. It might be Linux-based though