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Update: @evleaks has followed up with another M8 render, this time showing the device in silver. You'll find it after the break.

Original story: Following yesterday's leak of the 2014 HTC One — also known by the codename "M8" — in gold, leaker @evleaks has today published a render of the device in gray. The chassis design appears the same as in the earlier leak — an HTC One-like design with dual rear cameras, on-screen buttons and a wraparound metal chassis. The dark gray color is one of five rumored for the M8 — others include gold, silver, red and blue — and it's a little lighter than last year's "stealth black" HTC One.

The 2014 HTC One is expected to be unveiled at launch events in London and New York on Mar. 25.

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HTC One Silver


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New HTC One (M8) leaks out in gray and silver [Updated]


Look closely the silver one has a power button up top, while the grey one doesn't

Is it a HTC (M8)one mini

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The silver also seems to have more bezel around the top & sides of the screen, more than the grey device

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I don't want this, I need this. Looks much better than the gold version we saw yesterday. Now, let's see what the features bring...

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Am I the only one who feels like the on screen buttons and the dock look weird together?

Everything else is gorgeous.

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No, you're right. I wonder why they didn't just ditch that part, looks a bit odd now.

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I don't like on-screen buttons. They could easily put the buttons on the black bezel like last year and save screen Space

You know what they should do? Make the speaker grille spell HTC using the holes. Then they can have their logo up front without wasting space.

Ya I like the on screen buttons but lose the HTC bezel bar

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Yep not a fan of on screen buttons but I can be OK with it if it meant smaller bezels but if you going to keep the same bezel than I rather just have hardware/capacitive buttons.

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OMFG! There are as many different ways to make this phone as there are people! Who really gives a damn about the black bar that houses the HTC moniker, if you don't like don't buy. It's really just that simple! If you want to pick and choose and tailor your phone, buy Moto. That HTC One 2 is the best looking phone out there .. bar none... If that's the real render of it!

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Of course you don't buy it if you don't like it, nothing wrong with giving an opinion on why you don't like it is there..

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This looks like a Blackberry.. I like the Gold render.. Blue / Red are a little too faggy for me .. So going for either the gold or Silver!!

Wow, grey changes opinions drastically. Gold was ugly as hsit, but this ... is my wallpaper.

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Doesn't need the logo on the front as well as the back, Doesn't need the big bezzels. This phone doesn't need to be as big as it is.

A real shame.

I'm sure people won't mind but HTC must be bored of making great phones and not selling many?

Maybe that's just it. They aren't selling well anyway so why put a lot of R&D into it. Just bump the specs and throw it out there. Makes sense to me.

Admittedly I like the feel of the one in hand, it's just to damn tall, to much bezel. Get rid of the HTC bar and one of the speakers and you might have a winner.

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Average user (hand size) prob does find it too tall. The way I hold and use the phone I find it equally hard for a single hand as Note 3.
Keeping these bezels I wish they tried a 4.3 in like Sony did

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VZW Moto X

If they get rid of one of the speakers it defeats the "Boom Sound" feature they're trying to sell. They can trim the bezel and still have the speakers or get rid of the speakers all together.

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"Leaks" are just part of these marketing teams trying to stir up buzz on product(s)... Still looks great!

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Since the word "render" is used, I wonder if the phone will look exactly like these pictures when it is officially unveiled. Further I notice that the top bezel on the silver render is thicker than on the grey render. :-/

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That is one handsome looking device, and it needs to be as the successor to what is already, a pretty slick looking device.

Could do without the black HTC bezel on the bottom of the screen, though. Maybe it could be something useful like a fingerprint sensor, and not some silly excuse to put their logo on.

Looks interesting, we'll see what HTC actually releases

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Get rid of the wasted space at the bottom where the HTC logo is and give me more screen. I know the speakers are nice but make one that isn't so oblong.

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Software buttons drop automatically when more screen is needed. HTC just doesn't get it, that is why they are failing.

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They don't need to be there in the first place

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

Grey FTW!!

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

I really like it, but dat bottom bezel. I'm sure it's there for a reason but damn, without buttons it looks that much bigger. I'm also worried that the S5 is going to surpass The New One in technology though time will tell about that. Either way it's a good time to be an Android enthusiast.

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Not bad, but why the on-screen buttons? I guess that's not such a big deal, but if the headphone jack is on the bottom then I might have to trade up. I can't stand having cables coming out of both ends of my phone.

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EVLeaks said M8 will come in gold, grey & silver...

I liked the red M7 but when that was released I had the black one already for half a year.
Wonder if there indeed will be a blue and red version, and if they are released at launch.

Things are not consistent with the 2 renders.. The bezel on the gray one is slightly thinner on the top and the lower speakers on the gray one are closer to the bottom of the phone than the silver one

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Have to admit the gold looked ugly, black looked OK but the grey looks very nice. Now if only those bezels were smaller on the bottom but of course HTC needs to have its logo there. I mean if your not going to shrink the bezels by going on screen then keep the physical buttons. Imo the biggest advantage of onscreen buttons should mean smaller bezel, bigger screen in smaller body but this does none of that. As I said annoyed, HTC always does something wierd but the grey version as a whole looks nice just would have preferred bigger screen to phone ratio.

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I like the way it looks! I wonder if they are going to make the price competitive with the Samsung rumored price?

Since I just got my Note, I guess I won't be able to pick up anything that comes out next week. I am just glad that I get a month or so with them all because of work! I am gonna like seeing if the camera has really improved as much as it needed to.

Good luck!

The small bezel on my S3 had me constantly pressing the capacitive keys on the sides by accident. Never happened with the onscreen buttons on my N4. I will reserve judgment on the bezel once I actually hold it in my hands

My biggest pet peeve about the One is the placement of the USB port. Did they HAVE to place it off centered where it doesn't fit in my car's pre-existing smartphone cradle with a center cutout to the charging ports?

Hopefully the USB port is in the center this time like several other phones.

That bottom bezel is horrid. It makes it 10x worse that there is absolutely no need for it with on screen buttons. I don't care what the excuse is for having huge bezels are it's bad design period. PERIOD.

Bulky bezels have always been an unattractive thing to me when it comes to smartphone design.

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The bad design as you call it is having them both. You have to have the bezel for the speakers so ditch the on screen buttons.

Personally I think it is a great design other than the materials choice.

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

I wonder if the front facing speakers will be as good considering they lost dre beats.

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Beats was just an equalizer, and had nothing of do with the speaker quality as far as I know. No reason why they still can't be great.

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Yeah because it was preset with them. If beats is not there this time, it will be preset with something else

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

Damn... This is so hot. HTC why you make us wait, please release this now :)

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Love the Silver One too....Very Nice!! I do have one question though. Based on the top view of the Blue render it showed no headphone jack, where is it going?

I wish Google had some sort of payment option when buying a Google edition phone instead of forking out 5-6 hundred bucks though lol

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Actually it is pretty easy to convert a regular HTC One to a google edition one. You can change the model ID, and flash Google edition rom and basically it's a Google edition and you get OTA from Google. I bet it will be easy to do the same with the all new one. So if you can't spend 600 at one shot, there is an alternative option.

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So where's Verizon gonna put their hideous logo?

This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1

I'm holding out for red. I messed up and jumped on that Black to fast on the M7 and 2 months later, here comes the red that I coveted.... Besides, my M7 is running like a champ on KKat, so I'm in no hurry this time (had to get off that EVO 4G LTE)...

My jump! Upgrade is in July. I'll probably get this.

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I think this phone looks great. Mind you I use a Samsung with the Google Now launcher and use hangouts anyway. I am looking for good specs (best not necessary any more), a great battery and most of all a great build quality. Coming from Samsung, I've realized that everything else doesn't quite matter as much when the phone isn't durable. No imitation metal bands anymore please.

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Not a fan of on screen buttons as it takes up screen space. I hope HTC listen to customers and have the HTC logo captive as the home button. I understand having the logo in the front is important because if someone sees the phone they would no clue what brand it was.

That thing is going to look pretty silly as soon as you open an app and have layer and layer....... and layer of bezel staring you in the face. Immersive Mode could fix that but having to constantly swipe gets old after a while.

I hope this does well, and I also hope LG continues to make strides. Mainstream alternatives to Samsung are important for android as a whole IMO.

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Don't take the "bezel" area into account as being real. Notice how much less bezel there is on the dark grey version as there is the silver? Since they just put an image of a screen on it and did a bad job, it doesn't even mean the screen is accurate in either picture...which would potentially mean the buttons at the bottom are not the way they are going to look either. It doesn't even make sense to have the HTC part of the bezel at the bottom if it isn't going to house capacitive buttons. I cry fowl on the rendering of the stuff that isn't the actual metal body. I think the front of the phone is likely still not what is really coming out.

Oh...and the speaker grills aren't even in the same place on both renders. That just wouldn't change from phone to phone. #FAKE.

@TheGeek: Thank you. I don't think evleaks and especially Android Central should post renders. Most people here think these are leaked pictures of the new HTC One, They are not. They are artist's conceptions based on other rumors and leaks.

AC is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAy too cautious to post BS, even if it comes from EVleaks. These are close without a doubt

Still not believing that, that's the final design.... too many photoshop errors. Looks at the bottom speaker on the black one or the flash on the back compared to the other two. Somethings not right.
Also no where the screen is bigger with the HTC logo still there.

These are just renders. If you compare the black to the silver you will notice small differences... the black one has less speaker holes, a smaller bezel, rear LEDs are different... I want to believe that HTC's listens to their customers and that the final product will be something amazing.

I'm hoping these are just early renders or something designed to throw people off. I noticed small discrepancies between them too.

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Much better than gold. I still don't care for the vertical black line above the camera (reminds me of a stress relief line in concrete or something) and the large "HTC" bezel. I am also not caring for the dual camera on the back. Save some money and use the iPhone 5 camera (or equivalent) and be done with it. Stop with these weird camera gimmicks.

The shape, specifically the height looks similar to my wife's DNA. She still loves that phone, won't discuss replacing it.

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Not bad, but in version three HTC should focus more on enhancing the speaker design and slimming those bezels significantly. Some of the design decisions make me want to punch Chou in the kisser. I don't understand why they would offer front-facing speakers without a kickstand to go with them. My retired EVO 4G kickstand still can hold it's own. That bottom black logo band reminds me of the D-bags who have to show you they're wearing some high priced belt buckle, lose that next iteration HTC.

I want to please my inner HTC fanboy but I gotta see how this looks in person first.

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I think the HTC One (M7 and M8) are the nicest looking phones on the market. I just wish they flattened out the back rather than leaving it round.

Just because you don't like them doesn't mean they're a joke. HTC has produced so of the best phones today.

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