The Netflix Android client has seen what appears to be a relatively minor update this evening, promising an enhanced playback experience on both phones and tablets, stability improvements, and general bug fixes. Sound like a typical maintenance release. But what caught my eye was this, from the Google Play store change log:

If you are having problems updating your application, you can update your device manually by opening your mobile browser and going to this URL:
Once the application is downloaded please tap on it and follow the instructions to install this application. In some cases you may have to allow applications from untrusted sources to be installed.

Having had a device with "issues" when trying to update this particular app from the Play store once or twice, this is a really nice option. No need to try some potentially janky (or worse) version found in a forum, Netflix is offering up an alternative of their own. Hopefully, nobody needs it -- but it's great that it's there. 


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Netflix for Android updated, brings 'enhanced playback experience' and a secondary install method if needed


I might be mistaken, but I thought the the download URL was there for the previous update too...

Does this mean it will stop locking up my phone requiring a batt pull? I and when the evo 4g lte arrives how do I reset since a batt pull is not an option?

this app runs like ass on the Prime, not sure if it's because it's trying to cache all those images all at once or just bad coding. The hulu app runs like a champ as well. Ran like crap on the tf300 as well

Netflix on my Xoom is great... however, Netflix *app* on my Xoom sucks and blows at the same time >.< Once you get beyond that stinking interface, movies play flawlessly.

i needed to use the link for my Asus Prime - and I was just watching Netflix on it last night. Once I tried to upgrade via the play store, Netflix would no longer open after it was "installed". Tried reboot and everything. Finally went to that link and downloaded it, installed, open and perfect! Seems to add an option that was in a previous version for subtitles on the tablet near the volume button. Very pleased it's there again