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The European Commission has found Motorola Mobility guilty of breaching EU competition law over its use of standards-essential patents (SEPs), according to reports. PC World and Reuters are reporting that the Google-owned smartphone maker was found to have broken the law by bringing injunctions against Apple in Germany over SEPs it had agreed to license.

The EU's Competition Commissioner could have issued a fine of up to 10 percent of Motorola's annual global turnover, however the company escaped without a fine due to EU court case law being unclear on the matter. Nevertheless, Motorola was found to have abused a dominant position and was ordered to drop its injunctions against Apple.

"The so-called smartphone patent wars should not occur at the expense of consumers," said commissioner Joaquin Almunia. "While patent holders should be fairly remunerated for the use of their intellectual property, implementers of such standards should also get access to standardized technology on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms."

Similarly, the commission also ruled to accept a pledge by Samsung not to pursue injunctions against rivals who had agreed to license SEPs. Meanwhile in the U.S., the battle between Apple and Motorola rages on.

Source: PC World, Reuters

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Tomer Elias says:

When will the US learn to protect its consumers?

rlbrooks says:

When the average consumer carries the same financial lobbying weight as a corporation....ergo...never.

mwara244 says:

When the average consumers ban together and create a Consumer Union that can buy, I mean Lobby Representatives to actually represent people instead of corporations.

Corporations run America. And they profit from a broken system and a corrupted system that allows them to lobby and buy congressmen

frettfreak says:

where do i sign up for that!

Euclid88 says:

'Google owned smartphone company'?

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Balthazar B says:

IIRC, the patent wrangling predates Google's acquisition of Motorola Mobility.

Alex Dobie says:

The Lenovo deal hasn't closed yet. Google still owns Moto.

Euclid88 says:

Ah I see. Didn't realize that the deal isn't closed yet. Thanks for the clarification

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This is one of the very few perks of the European Empire.

travaz says:

The Lawyers get richer and it was so benevolent for the EU Compitition Commissioner to not fine Moto and make the consumer pay more. It really is becoming disgusting. Apple the cool, hip, concerned company is nothing more than a greedy company. Like the rest.