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cj100570 says:

It's on AT&T so I don't care.

AnthonyT says:

Check and mate

Wesley1 says:

They forgot the video on how to break their locked bootloader.

1414H77 says:

What about a video on how to get HSPA+ speeds? I am in Charlotte, supposedly where it is one of 10 or so cities live and it shows my house bathed in it on their new 4G map. I get to 2 to 3 down, less than the iphone 4 we have at home, and much less than the 4 to 8 I get with Sprint WIMAX. What a fraud.

Lancer033 says:

put that on Verizon without the blur crapola and i'd be inline for one. That hardware with stock gingerbread would be sweet.

1414H77 says:

The hardware is not that great. It is laggy compared to my Epic 4G. I think it could, though, be Motoblur which slows it down.