Gmail updated 

A minor update to Android's Gmail app has hit the Market that fixes custom labels and improves copy/paste in Gingerbread. If you have custom labels in Gmail with custom colors, they wouldn't properly sync. With this update, that should be fixed. Also updated is the ability to long-press to copy text with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). 

Here is the full update log:

  • Enable long press to copy text on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) devices
  • Sync custom label colors
  • Bug fixes

The Market link for the Gmail app is available after the break. 

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callderek#AC says:

Hahaha. Gingerbread......

silverfang77 says:

Thanks for the headsup. Downloading.

silverfang77 says:

Why the hell are you requiring captchas now? I'm a registered member!!!!!!!!!!!

Dude, just thank god they added the captcha, otherwise you would lose you entire posts. My post just got flagged too(95% of them do)...the spam filter here sucks. But like I said, before they added the captcha, you'd lose your whole posts and after five attempts it would ban you from posting. So be thankful for the captcha option.:)

slinky317 says:

I'm slowly but surely leaving AndroidCentral because of their horrible commenting and log-in system. Why does it log me out after a few days? Why, after logging me in, does it take me to the useless user-stats page and NOT back to the page I was on? Why does the user commenting system suck so bad? Why doesn't the page automatically redirect to the mobile site on my phone's browser?

works with CyanogenMod7

ben dover says:

it does. the press to select text doesn't work as smooth as I would like but it's at least there! (it doesn't select the word you press and hold on, it just brings up the selector tabs that are right next to each other so it's not as easy as it should be to select text)

VMdoug says:

I wondered if the update might also have something to do with Honeycomb dropping tomorrow on the XOOM.

bluemarc22 says:

interesting comment. uhmmmmm...

VMdoug says:

Oh yeah, boo on the captcha!

Coolaaron88 says:

Android Central, might I recommend switching to Disqus for commenting? Its so much easier

loops says:

causing Force Close over and over on Droid Incredible had to uninstall :/

daunted says:

Fixed problem with 2.3.2 not using your default send from address. Yeah!

serpico says:

Now I just need Gingerbread :)

kanyewest says:

i get a packaged not signed correctly.. unsuccessful... EvoKnevil

gafly says:

I don't get the "sync custom label colors" part... I thought the Gmail app already did this.

Crystalyne says:

This update totally flipped out the gmail app on Incredible. Forced close over and over again. Had to uninstall the update. That's too bad. :(

BBaker82 says:

Wow did this update totally just freak out my Incredible...had to uninstall. Hopefully the update gets fixed.

phobos77 says:

Same as other DInc users have posted; the upgrade caused repeated force closes. Uninstalled.

phobos77 says:

hopefulfarm says:

QR code doesn't work. Cant find Gmail anywhere in the Market via my phone. What happened??

Jason Lee says:

The update was pulled do to errors people were getting updating from older versions of gmail to this newest one. It should be back soon... I hope. :)